Lessons About Getting Older

by Irwin Lengel

Lessons About Growing Older

Lessons About Growing Older

Spent the day assisting my son and daughter-in-law moving boxes around in their basement and carrying others up to the first floor as the movers placed them in the wrong place when unloading the truck. So, how do I feel – every bit of my 76 plus years and then some. The Tylenol I took an hour ago has yet to kick in.

So, what lesson(s) did I learn today about getting older – just this:

I never was one to lie about my age and never bragged about it either. But having worked as hard as I did today, one thing I would not want to do right at this moment is go anyplace where I might have to stand in a line as the older I get, the fewer things out there seem worth waiting in line for. And yet we did go to Walmart and the lines were unreal – no longer will I go to this Walmart on a Friday evening.

Also, not once in my 76 plus years have I ever thought about turning back my odometer because while I may not be considered a good-looking guy, I want people to know why I look the way I do. We senior citizens travelled a long way and to put it bluntly, the wear and tear reflected by my old wrinkled and liver spotted body are true signs of why I look the way I do. Them thar’ roads we travelled weren’t paved and many of them were old dirt roads with a lot of ruts in them.

Would I ever want to turn back the clock due to being dissatisfied with my lot in life? Nope, not me! I think of certain things from my past like learning Geometry, Biology, and several other not-so-fun classes and think to myself – why would I want to put myself through that misery ……again! I’ll stay right where I am – thank you very kindly!

Now, on those days where I really give thought to my life – there is the possibility that I might want to go back to a specific year or so but only due to my being reminded every day that I am getting old. How do I know – because everything or almost everything about me either dries up or leaks! Did someone say Prostate Surgery! But then we have to “Depend” on something – don’t we?

Funny part about this aging process is that it happens so fast, we learn that we made it over the hill and can’t remember how we even got to the top.

After one passes a certain age we begin to realize that there is a part of the aging process that is considered a nice change from being young. Especially if we are retired! I am referring to the fact that we no longer have any bosses to listen to (well – there is always our wives), no more schedules to follow (but then there are the honey-do’s”). Oh well, we can’t win them all!

Believe it or not – at our age – it is only when evening comes that we realize how wonderful the day has been. With that I will end this piece with a quote by Will Rogers: Being young may be beautiful, but being old is comfortable.” Time for my slippers and a good book.

Until next time!

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Thank you
by: irwin

Thanks all for following my rants and raves and will continue writing til they pry the pen from my hand.

by: Linda, FL

So enjoyed. I read it to my husband and he had a chuckle too! Keep writing!

Enjoying Those little things
by: Clifford / Coconut Creek FL

Famous people that I have met and dealt with over the years, one memorable quote was to "leave them laughing." That my friend can be hard sometimes since we all have a different sense of humor.

What I find humorous in this story about lessons from getting older is a childhood memory discussing "Do we stand 'on' line? or do we stand 'in' line?" have I been corrected enough times.

The real motto of the US Army was "Hurry up and wait." That seems to be a lifelong problem. We wait for everything including death. I mention this because I encountered quite a few funerals in the last 6 months, including 4 who could not wait and did the unthinkable suicide. People half my age. Giving up.

I have recently restarted a Tae Chi class. The premise is to slow down, languish your steps, feel the moment, savior each bite. Better described as live in the present which it is, the past is history, the future, let it come for at my age I figure that I have hit enough obstacles that I can handle it as it comes.

Try not to read the future, magic is man made, Miracles are when we least expect them, and they do happen. Often times as a simple coincidence.

Learning from Life
by: Ricardo

Irwin, you make some interesting observations in your most recent post.....things that we ALL think about as we age and have time to ponder the past, good, bad, or indifferent!

Others have come before us with similar thoughts and opinions, and others will follow with their reflections, thoughts and comments when contemplating their lives.

We all deal with aging in our own way, and the limitations that it brings both physically and mentally. You my friend are not the only one going thru this aging process. There were others prior to you and there will be others after you!

Deal with it Irwin....it is NOT what happens in our lives that matters, BUT, how we respond to what happens......take it to the bank Irwin!

Lessons About Getting Older
by: Dean/ Nashville TN

Irwin, just read your latest. Really enjoyed it! Please keep up the good work.

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