Letting go of my job status

by Robb G

I am about to retire from the federal govt.

After 30 years I am sending out an e-mail tomorrow morning to all the Rangers/Staff of the districts I am responsible for. I will be letting them know I am retiring in 60 days.

I was/am a division supervisor on wildfires, I am also a certified mining administrator and a district fleet manager....all of these jobs have status and authority. I have wore it well and have many friends and many very exciting memories.

I have lived an adventurous life and very proud of what I have accomplished.

I am also very scared and anxious of the unknown...though I understand what the unknown is I still need to walk thru that door...then as I pass thru I will be just me again plain ole me.....

I read this saying on somebodys web page and it goes like this. "I cant finish the rest of my book if I continue reading the same chapter"...for some reason that put things in order for me.

I may be 60 but there IS still some fire in the pot. I felt a relief that I can go do something else and do it well enough to give me the same feeling of accomplishment... except this time I can do it on my time..... as Popeye always said "I am who I am".

good luck and remember you are not alone in the game of pre-retirement.....robb

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It's Harder than you Think
by: Anonymous

I was a high level state government administrator for almost 30 years. I made the decision to retire based on finances alone and made the mistake of retiring from something instead of to something. It's been about 2 1/2 years now and yes my job defined me.

I am lost in retirement--not a hobby guy, volunteering is not for me as in my area only menial tasks are available. My wife still works. I cannot be the only person going through this.

Surely there must be some folks who are enjoying retirement by just chilling. Looking forward to the "community's" feedback.

No longer the boss
by: Michael in the Mountains


It all sounds so good, at first, let us know what it is really like for you in 6 months!

I have been having a really difficult time finding the next chapter in my life after 30 years in Law Enforcement.

Good luck to you!

It's like the death of a loved one.
by: MJG

I just retired after 35 years in Federal Service. Now that personnel services are centralized, there is no help for employees. It was "check yourself out the door" to the very end.

I knew I would have trouble with the loss of identity, but I really suprised myself by how badly I felt just the first day off the job!

The FS has been my life. I worked myself up to a fairly high level job running hard for all those years. It's strange just to stop running completely in one day. It's like falling off a cliff.

Now I have to re-invent myself with something that I can feel just as passionate about. Your quote, "I can't finish my book if I continue reading the same chapter" really helps. I printed it out and posted it in my room. Thanks!

Letting go
by: Bratthlid

Yes I understand. It is difficult. We come to define ourselves by our work, and now it is gone, and the fact of age is inescapable. Challenging. I think the answer is reaching out. There are a lot of us.

Notice for Retirement?
by: Anonymous

Loved reading the note about letting go of my job status! Although I have not yet given official notice, I am counting down less than 50 days to my retirement. I guess every place of employment is different on what is required notice?

Fire In The Pot
by: Anonymous


Hi! Welcome to the Grey Fellows Club. I hope that you have fire (passion) under your own pot. I'm glad that you have experience fighting wildfires which seem to be expanding to more areas in the World. I think that any fire IN the pot is just too much fire (passion) to handle.

I would suggest to start from ground zero planning your new retirement life. It's always a good idea eg. take at least a whole year off to work on your own self-discovery, empowerment and self-actualization possibilities.

I wanted to know if the Federal Government provided you with some information about HOW to transition into a retirement life after working those many years with the Federal Government?

Best Wishes!

Joe W.

by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

Hey Robb* Happy Retirement to u*

U have another 30-40 years to go, if u can remember how quickly, how fast the last 30-40 years have gone, don't waste time thinking about what u want to do, just make your plans and do it, because the older we get, the quicker the time goes!

If u can afford to do the things u plan on doing, whether alone or with your favorite people, start doing them now, and keep a journal, so when u r very old u can sit in your favorite chair and read about all the wonderful, adventurous moments u accomplished AFTER retirement!

60 is not old in this day and age, it is the new 40* so, celebrate, enjoy, live as if tomorrow were your last day on this earth~~~and cherish your memories*

You r entering a new phase of YOUR life and don't let anyone-anything hold u back. Get out that bucket list and get yourself going* One never knows? God speed.

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