Life after a lay off

by Deborah
(North Carolina)

My story is like many people my age. I was let go when the company I worked for for over 20 years was sold.

At 61 I had hoped to work a few more years. I had always been praise for my hard work and ideas to make money for the company. I managed a large group of professionals and was asked to leave without even saying good bye.

Of course, I went through every emotion possible. I slept a lot at first and felt like my life was pretty much over. I went to therapy. Although I was concerned about the money, it did help to talk to someone. I only went a few times. Enough to learn all humans go through the same emotions. Anxiety, depression , and overall loss of energy.

It has been four months now. I am lucky to have a 401K plan and can make it to retirement. After I figured out how to make it on less I felt much better. I knew I would do what ever it took. I could have gotten a room mate to cover bills or a part time job. But I decided to do with less.

I had published a fiction novel a couple of years ago and started writing a sequel. I also made and sold some art. The biggest thing I did was sell my larger house and use the surplus to buy a couple of rental houses. I was divorced and didn't need all the space.

Slowly, the depression and anxiety began to reduce. I am not saying it is all gone, but I am on the new road my life has provided.

Time really does make a difference. Take one day at a time and be creative.

Best Wishes! Deb

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Only be Happy
by: María Elena

Dear Deborah:

I was lucky to live in USA for 4 years and I could appreciate how wonderful is your country. Now I came back home to retire and I live with a lot less than you. But I am really blessed to have this possibility of living longer than many.

I live frugally but I am very rich in health, family and friends. I have no doubt you are a very smart person with talents that I don´t possess, so I invite you to enjoy what you have, write a lot or practice your art this is enough to have the best retirement life.

María Elena

No Pity Party For You
by: Joe W.

WOW! Your a champion in the way you refused to become stuck in your anxiety & depression state. You learned that individual creativity can lead you to the retirement success that you we're looking for. Congrats on a job well done!

Joe W.

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