Life After Retirement Made Worthwhile

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

Who dreads retirement? No one (except of course when you are a workaholic).

It is a time that everyone looks forward to because they will finally be able to enjoy their years freely. But the impending years ahead pose a very serious question: what will you do now? If you are already coming up to your retirement, thinking about possible things to do can begin now.

Relocate to Your Dream Location

Had it always been your dream to relocate to a house by the beach? Then it's the perfect time to do that. Why not enjoy your retirement years somewhere you will be able to relax? If you do this, you will be able to add a new chapter in your life and you can try things that you have only dreamed of before.

Start a Business

If you want to stay close to home and still do something worthwhile, how about starting a shop of your own? If you love books, come up with a cozy little bookshop.

If you've started taking up a hobby such as knitting or frame-making, why don't you sell these to people who might be interested?

It's a fun and economical way of spending your time. If you want to start a bigger business, you can ask your children to partner with you. You may have difficulties running the business on your own, but with the help of younger people, things can be manageable.

Be Your Family's Mentor

Spend more time with the family. They might need your expertise in things they haven't dealt with before. For example, you can help them with their marital issues or give them your insight about what foods are best to give to their children instead of those junk foods they seem to fancy these days. Every bit of help will surely be appreciated.

There are many other things that you can do. The options are limitless and you have time on your hands. So go ahead and enjoy.

Alesha Wilson is a staff writer at, a leading natural health website that supplies Genestra Brands products.

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Productive/Useful Retirement
by: Joe W.

Prof. Durgesh, Hi! Do you think that we place too much emphasis on entitlements in retirement and less on being productive or useful in our society?


I agree with you that we should look for activities that we are passionate about in our retirement life. I believe that you are passionate about natural food supplements. Everyone has a chance to try their own self-discovery methods to find out where they could become useful.

Joe W.

They Also Serve Who Stand And Wait ....
by: Retd. Prof. Mr. Durgesh Kumar Srivastava, New Delhi, India

My late father, an advocate, was a store-house of wisdom and practical advice on every subject under the sun.

He used to tell me: " When there is a daughter's wedding or the death of a family member, go to that family's residence and wait to help or do some errand."

I started following my father's advice when I was 8 or 9. At 69+ now, I do not do much physically, but people ask for my advice. I hope to be useful as long as I am able to stand and walk to my neighbors' houses when they need me.

When we rented a house in New Delhi, as a young couple, our landlord's grandmother (85+) would sit in the courtyard untangling spools of wool of mixed colors and making separate spools of different colors. In 1968, she would get INR 1 for 2 spools. Everyday she was able to earn INR 5 or so. She used to distribute her earnings among her grand-kids.

Let us be useful as long as possible.

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