Life After Retirement

There is LIFE after Retirement, but it's a bumpy road getting there!

You might not know who you are any longer... your work identity is gone, who the heck are you?

You don't know what to do with yourself... hour after hour, day after day, week after week... what will you do with your retirement years?

Even if you think you are ok financially, consider who and what you are, in your life after retirement, to avoid the shock of retirement.

Have ever talked to someone who thinks of retirement like it is a death sentence?  

For many folks, the idea of not working and becoming retired, with fewer daily duties, is frightening and something to dread. A huge part of retirement planning involves getting emotionally ready for retirement so there isn’t a huge shock when all of a sudden you are a retiree!

So to avoid retirement shock, you should start well ahead of your own retirement getting ready for that lifestyle. Consider a new hobby, continue to work part time, or volunteer in your community to keep busy.

The worst thing you can do is wake up on the first day of your retirement with nothing to do and that feeling of emptiness. You don't want you to miss your old work life, do you? You chose to retire, but forgot to think about all the hours you have to fill.... just think, that's all I'm saying.

One way to avoid retirement shock is to do a bit of daydreaming about all the things you want to do once you are retired. The whole world is open to you... you can do whatever you care to do!

Many of us don't have time to pursue our artsy, creative selves... we are too busy working all those years. Share the creative person inside you -- find a new retirement hobby (or renew one), take classes, join church and civic groups, just give yourself permission to throw yourself into any creative hobby to let that fun, creative part of you fulfill another place in your new life.

Another great coping mechanism is to continue to work on a reduced schedule. If your employer values your experience, they may keep you employed in a part time capacity. It's a win-win -- you can keep working, help train newer employees, and your employer knows the job continues to be done.

You could also work part-time in the same field or something completely different, something fun! Retirement jobs aren't bad. It sounds weird -- you retired and then you go back to work -- but you go back to have purpose, keep busy a few hours of the day,  and yes, some income always helps!

Some retirees work online. Nowadays, especially after COVID, so many work from home in many fields. I have Home Business Ideas on this site that might give you some ideas to pursue!

Retirement is also a time when you can travel and spend more time with family and friends. If you always wished you could be available to baby-sit the grandchildren, now is the time. Your kids not only will love having child care and the bonus is that you will enjoy getting to know your grand kids even better. The grand kids will keep these memories forever!

Senior Volunteers are another great way to fill all of that extra time after retirement. By keeping busy helping worthy causes, you keep your self esteem because you are making a real difference in the lives of others and for your community. You can meet so many wonderful people while volunteering and the social side of it keeps you young.

By laying out plans to enjoy a hobby, continue to work part time or volunteer when retirement starts, you can get look forward to your new life after retirement. Start to get excited about this new phase of life and the new life that lies ahead of you in retirement.