Life after Retirement

by Wendy

Are you stuck in a retirement rut?

Where is your life after retirement headed?

Is everything around you the “same ole...” and you need a new adventure in life?

One oddness I've noticed about my own first year or retirement - how can I be busy and yet unsure what I've accomplished? Where do the days go? Time flies by and yet... we lived life AND worked before, now what do we do with those eight hours a day? Hmmm...

Tim Ferriss, author of the The 4-Hour Workweek book says: "Doing something unimportant well does not make it important." I like that.

Like life before retirement, you need to “just do it” (thanks Nike!) Get off that couch and plan your day, wait – plan the week!

Start this week with a To Do List. To allow yourself some chance of success, list only one item each day. That way, you don't feel overwhelmed (yes, only one tiny bite to do) and you can check off this one “to do” each day. Accomplished. Check!

How do you eat an elephant? One bite a day... baby steps!

Give yourself permission to take a baby step today!

If you've been wanting to walk, get out there and walk your little fanny off! If you want to decorate cakes, call JoAnne's today and register for their Cake Decorating 101 class -(it's on my list)! They also have crochet and much more! Take a class and start your creativity flowing once again! Visit a museum or art shop tomorrow... better yet, take some art classes!

Start a blog and share your thoughts with the world.. why not?

If you do nothing, nothing happens. It's that simple. Your life won't change.. you must do something to bring about change.

When you worked, you were forced to get up early, you got dressed and out the door you ran, worked a full day, made dinner after work, and you were active and so busy.

When we retire, something odd happens. We slow down. It's not on purpose, it's because we CAN. We give ourselves many excuses: It's rainy out, I didn't sleep well last night, I'm having a bad hair day, or best yet – I'll do it tomorrow.

We all have lots of plans for Tomorrow, don't we?

I think lots of retirees (me too!) think they are busy. Lin Schreiber (formerly from Revolutionize Retirement) says: “You might be getting ready to get ready, maybe even looking like you’re going where you want to go, but most likely just spinning your wheels.”

Think about that.. It's so true. We are thinking about it, maybe even planning it, but we do little. I'm not even talking about tackling a huge project, I'm talking about small baby steps we can take to improve our quality of life.

Back to Lin, again, she also says: “Once you give yourself permission -- real permission -- to live life your way, you’re definitely on your way to that life. You’ve embarked on a journey so delicious, so exciting, so wonderful, you’ll wonder why you didn’t give yourself permission ages ago.”

Just Do It! You'll be so thankful that you did...

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