I have been retired now for 26 years, not all good years but they seem better now with "old age". They call it that, so they can try to tell us what we can do or not do, the government, that now direct our lives when we reach certain ages, that is.

Any way, that could be another story: I was saying something about being eighty two (that is what happens occasionally).

At 82 things happen, you find you stare vacantly at the air, thinking where did I put the bloody mower! YOU find it!!!! your leaning on the handles or in the shed.

Nothing to worry about just your brain is unwinding, sort of like your computer when you clean your disks, the stuff you haven't used for a while are lost for good there is no backup to come refer to.

The worst of all is when you walk on the beach past some young ladies in bikinis and you are not affected by their scantily clad bodies,,, like you usta..... Hell where did my youth go.

My other problems are varied and many. Like opening the fridge and staring at the inside and wandering what I am looking for, suddenly I remember I am looking for the tea caddy in the
cupboard above.

Another of the things I suffer from is hitting two keys when I am using the key bopard (see what I mean "keyboard" becomes that unreadable word just previous) so it takes me a lot longer to write and edit the thing, the other bain of my age is editing, I've forgotten my parsing and my spelling??

well I don't have a secretary now (is it sexa-- tary or secretary)see what I mean.

I really like being 82. I can please myself what I do and when, I don't have deadlines to meet, monthly returns to fill out but I miss the perks like being surrounded by lovely females who used to come and say "Mr. Campton I pressed the enter key and IT JUST DISAPPEARED" OH boy do I miss that perk!!!!

I have more hobbies than staring into space, like photography (these days digital), digital art, writing (when the mood takes me). and a wife who tells me to "clean up this mess in your office". I don't know, she doesn't need to come in. I do not enter her sewing room and criticize her messes if she has any.....

When you earn the aged OBE (old bloody eighty) you do get a lot of respect from people they step out of your way to let you pass, I would be wrong if I said to let you pass, more like to avoid being ran over by your shopping trolley. (not really been driving one for years).

Wendy dear, will you let me finish my story later I did tell you I ramble on a bit.

I thank the retirees who read this epistle, for reading it.

Wendy: Donald dear (grin!), I welcome you to write anytime! I laughed through the whole page and will print to give to my folks (age 84 and 86). It's true, it's funny, and I think it's good to laugh at ourselves! Please Please Write More! Great Ramblings!

p.s. Write about retirement in Australia and upload a digital photo or two! Write about digital art, tell us how you do it, what software you use, and more...other retirees might be interested in this hobby! Finally, write about being age 82... loved it!

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Friend Donald
by: Darrel and Betty , USA

Have had the pleasure of shareing conversation with Donald, he is so right, I have not been retired for 26 years, just 17 and abit younger, me only 80.

Donald mentiones the young ladies, well I know what he means, at one time they looked and hopefully admired what they saw, now I realize at this age the smiles are because they figure I am a friend of their Grandparents.

Keep of the notes Donald, and will keep visiting with you on Skype. For all you seniors on the computers, if you do not have Skype, your missing a whole new set of friends. Its 15 hours difference between Donald and I but we manage. Skype puts a new spin on E Friends.

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