Life is good. Age is MOSTLY a state of mind

by Mike
(Carson, ca)

Enjoy being retired. Think of all you gave up, during your working life. Some birthdays missed. Some Christmases and new years worked. Some trips, cut short, or not taken, at all.

Now is the time, to do what you want. Don't worry about, not doing anything, every minute. You'll get stuff done. Plan for the future (ANYBODY doesn't know how long you have). Don't sweat the small shit.

A few things may have to change, because of finances, or just mobility. But all in all, everything is going good.
Visit people, especially ones of your age, or older. But everybody is worth the time and effort.

Just a little rant and rave, but enjoy every minute.

Sooner or later, we will all be memories and photos, so be sure they are all good ones.

Will your story, be a line, a paragraph, a chapter, a paperback, a novel, or a whole library?

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by: Diana P

Life is good. I have always been a family-oriented person. Holidays mean family dinners and happy times. For 6 years I worked nearly every weekend, holiday, sometimes graveyard shifts, for less than a liveable wage. I missed soooo much. I hated it.

Then for 10 years I worked a decent job but still lost out on a lot of things that I can never regain. Knowing it wouldn't be forever was what kept me going and I made it to the other side.

Now I am RETIRED! I am loving it. I work part time for minimum wage. Have to make ends meet.

I do without some of the "frills" but that's okay. I have more of the things that count. I feel younger and look better than I ever did when I struggled to work so hard.

Happy Retirement

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