Life is Short - Live Each Day...

by Irwin L

I am back after galavanting around the NE for the past two months.

While we are still enjoying our retirement, our recent escapades found us remembering how fast things can change once we reach a certain age. Why do I say that? Because at the end of our recent adventure with friends and family, we learned how vulnerable we are and thus why we should make it a point to face each day with a smile on our face and live that day as though it may be our last.

Suffice it to say that two of my very close relatives (one is my twin) suffered severe unexpected medical setbacks and are presently weighing each day very carefully as to what might be in store for them down the road.

What does this mean to you or I? Just this - we never know what tomorrow might bring so spend today enjoying that which you have and not spend time on worrying about what you don't have. Life itself is a precious gift and I am a firm believer that if we have our health, 95 percent of the battle of what to do in retirement is already taken care of.

Enjoy each day to the fullest. Smile and take into consideration the fact that many others may very well have things much worse than you do.

I am grateful every day to have a loving family, devoted wife, healthy children who are coping quite well themselves, and still have the ability to get out there and line dance, and still do the things that make our days enjoyable.

Life is short - eat all the chocolate you can ..... NOW!

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Carpe Diem!!! Sieze the day
by: Sassy

Thanks for the needed reminder-live each day,
I recently retired and find myself worrying about too many things. You reminded me of the important things in life (health) and the rest takes care of itself in time.

by: Irwin

Good Morning Ricardo, Jeff, Diana M., and James:

Thank you all for your comments to my latest posting.

While it is good to get away, it is also always very good to get back home. As is the case, being back doesn't mean we are back into any sort of a routine yet. But, when retired, we tend not to look at life as a schedule - life can be more fun if we allow ourselves to be a bit open and available thus being able to experience and enjoy life's little experiences as they pop up.

Such is what we have been doing since our return. Although I must admit, I am looking forward to taking a few minutes (probably over this weekend) to write another article/post for either this newsletter or within our own Community site.

In any case, we are back and I look forward to reading and sharing everyone's posts as well as contributing some of my own.

I wish everyone a great day and an even better weekend.

Remember, life is too short not to dance (or eat chocolate)!

...minute by minute
by: Ricardo

Irwin, welcome back! Sometimes in life, so as not to be overwhelmed by what is happening all around us in this crazy world, we must live for the day, the hour, the minute!

Grab all that we can of joyful experiences and joyful times.....we are only "at the plate" once.....go for the gusto!

by: Anonymous

Try GALLIVANTING next time.

Life can be fun as well
by: Jeff

What a joy it is to read positive information. May your road always be filled with happiness.

About Life is Short
by: Diana M.

You are certainly right, Irwin. All of what you have said I learned many years ago when the plug to my life as I had known it was yanked away very suddenly. I thought it was the end of life for me. Little did I know it was just the beginning.
Glad you are back.

Tomorrow is another day
by: James

You are right. Live in the present. Tomorrow is another day. But, unfortunately, some people have terrible woes to deal with; health, financial, family woes.

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