by Sophia

I am a single lady of 55. Im working, driving every day to work and love to travel, for years I used to joined tours for overseas trips but last month I travel alone to Australia and found it interesting to travel alone.

Initially I thought I could found some sincere friends so I email to them, later I understand that different people have different back ground, different culture and different thinking, then we stopped mail to each other.

Now I decided, its better to write what I see and what I think and let others to comments.

Wendy: Sophia, Back in the early 80s, I wrote via snail mail to people all over the world. I love our differences and learning about different cultures, different lifestyles! To me, thats what makes the big world go round -- and makes life so very interesting!!


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Penpals care
by: California

Hello everyone!

I'm a 62 year old single lady who started paling when I went into the military. I missed my family and having my pals helped.

We have gotten older together and have lost a few along the way. I'm getting close to retirement, and would love to find some new pals.

My vacations consist of taking my trailer to the local RV park. There I meet lots of interesting people.

by: Anonymous

Check out "Tours4Fun". Folks can find others looking for travelling buddies.

Hi: Bruce here
by: Anonymous

I am always eager to discuss travel, culture and would events. Hope to get to know you better.
(City of the Karartha Lake)

Uncomfortable Traveling Alone!
by: Irisong

Dear Sophie & Wendy

I am 55 yrs. old also. I work and live in a small island nation. My job allows me to travel several times a year. However, I travel only to or through US territories and US states. I love to visit different countries and experience different cultures but I am not comfortable enough traveling by myself. Any advise?

Wendy: I travel from the comfort of my home, via pen pals, and have never travelled out of the USA and Canada... perhaps some day!!

by: Anonymous

I agree with Wendy. One of the reasons thaT I have always enjoyed pen pals is that it allows me the opportunity to discover people who don't think exactly like me!

I love reading about their activities that are so different from mine.

Its nice to share interests with friends, but its also refreshing and an opportunity to explore all different personalities and lifestyles.

A Single Colored Rainbow
by: Retd. Prof. Mr. Durgesh Kumar Srivastava, New Delhi, India

Dear friend Sophia,

There is merit in what you say. But there is much merit in what Wendy has said in her comments. Even nature has put many colors in the rainbow and in the feathers of the peacock. We shall wait for your article on your next trip as a single person. Kindly mail me a copy on kumar220243 at

Then I shall email you my article on my trek trip.

Wendy's superlative website is meant to share without reservations, conditions and prejudices..

Sincerely, D.K.Srivastava, New Delhi, India 8May12

Thank You
by: Sophia


Thank you very much for your words.

I totally agreed with what you have mentioned to make the world go round and round.

Yes! the world is round!

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