Limited Beliefs: SHOULD

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Please consider eliminating this word from your vocabulary: SHOULD

When you use the word SHOULD, ask yourself why you think you should.

Maybe, just maybe, there are valid reasons why you should. That's good, Do it!

Quite often, however, someone else told you you should, so your subconscious takes it as fact -- until you are aware enough to stop.

It is often someone else's idea that you should do this or that -- not your idea at all. If it were your idea, you'd DO it instead of thinking you should, right?

Catch yourself whenever you think SHOULD/SHOULDN'T.

Is this a fact or something that got stuck in your subconscious, a limited belief?

When you hear yourself say or think you should do something, think instead:
Do I truly believe this, or did someone else implant it in my mind?

You might decide you genuinely want to do whatever. But if you truly don't care, why keep that guilt of "should" on your mind?

P.S. Don't tell someone else they should or shouldn't either — that's your belief, not theirs — you are passing on a limited belief.

Don't Should on Anybody - Don't Should on Yourself Either.

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Good on you
by: JayTee

Sooo happy you included "Don't should on yourself"...more effective if you say it quickly!

Wendy: Tut tut! :)

Should to Will
by: Michael - Warm and Sunny Venice Florida

I wish I could figure out how to convince my husband that he doesn't need to tell me how I "should" do things. My Mother always told me that "there are two ways to skin a cat." I wish my husband's Mother had told him the same thing.

At first, I thought Wendy's article was going to be about procrastination. I should garden today. I should take a trip. I should buy that car I always wanted. Change "should" to "will" and I have turned procrastination into a positive thought for action.

This change in thought would help bring me closer making my dreams a reality.

by: Anonymous

so I shouldn't "should"? Smiley icon. I agree wholeheartedly.

Wendy: OK, Jokester #2 here. :)

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