Living Alone- First Time in Over Fifty Years

by Zenobia L Silas-Carson

I have lived alone for a whole year for the first time in over fifty years!

I have raised five children and three grandchildren, but all the while, I wondered what it would be like when the place I lived would go silent. No more birthday parties, rush to wake folks up in the morning...and I thought it would be something like an endless abyss and on the other end I would be no more.

Instead, I have found a surprising array of things to do. I have not entirely retired, but I work with seniors which is both rewarding and strained at times.

I am older than some and younger than some and in the middle of this, I often get lost and forget my own personality. I am active and outgoing, but sometimes I am met with the resistance of others to get out and "do" stuff.

I work in the office and as an events planner. I am sometimes met with stubbornness, the likes of which I have never seen. It is worth it, however, because I know that I am called to encourage and support those who are going through a bad time.

I still write short stories and poetry. I have a little rescue dog and most days I am "up".....I live in the same building that I work in, and other days, I am dissolved in tears for no reason. I am happy this does not last long.

My advice or suggestion to those who might be feeling lonely and afraid....don't be....just as when we were young, we are still "all in this together". Let's keep in touch and love on each other.

We are the greatest generation ever!

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by: loyce/California

I was a devoted wife for FIFTY years and now I devote my efforts to my community/senior center where I teach Spanish, oversee a Talk Therapy group and help spread The Word to help this great senior center grow/glow.

I have an aviary I tend and two spunky cats, several friends and a few caring neighbors so I try to be grateful and maintain my stalwart self so as to enjoy all the good karma I am grateful for.

I avoid Negative people and focus on caring/ positive people. I avoid travel and traffic and dine/recreate/shop within ten miles, saving valuable time AND MONEY.

Time is moving fast and I'm hoping to continue the ride with laughter and positivity

by: Pat

Your article was very touching and caring.
I wish you much continued happiness.
Keep up the good work that you do.

Events Planner
by: Joe W.

Many seniors are a different kettle of fish.

Do you think that the long participation time in the corporate life has changed the senior's brain itself. In other wards, when do we start creating workshops as an alternative to the present senior centers.

I think that we need more retirement planning centers & courses versus more financial planning advisers.

If we don't get this problem of transition to retirement solved properly, then you will probably see more seniors that develop mental health issues.

Wellness is the greatest benefit that any seniors can have. Without it it will definitely be more problematic when approaching your second or third encore career.

Santa Claus
by: Nancy

I liked your comment that we were all in this together. I'll remember that when I have down days. Thanks for your post.

love this
by: Rose Raintree Arlington Wa.

I love this and in so many ways can relate and yes we are all in this together and if we never give up there is life after retirement sometimes better than we expected

Your accounting
by: Ann in Reno

Thank you for your lovely and encouraging post. I wish you health and happiness in the days and years to come.. God bless you

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