Living Longer Than Husband

by Kate

My husband isn't expected to survive his illness.

I will be alone as I have no children or family.

Any advice anyone can give me as to how to survive all this?

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Living Longer Than Husband
by: Sherry NC

I am so very sorry this is happening to you.
Yes, I believe in the Lord and talk to him
everyday. He gives me comfort.
You can find friends at church, join a Senior
Center or some kind of club. Do volunteer work
you will find others there with the same mindset
as yours and you will make friends.
Take walks it relieves stress.

I wish you good health and healing.

So sorry…
by: Patti

Just want to say, I am so sorry that you have to live through this pain.

I don’t know in this group if it’s OK to say to call upon the Lord… For he is our help and time of trouble. I would seek out a local church and try and get in a small group and find people that can surround you in this difficult time. Open the word of God and allow it to minister to you. Take lots of walks. Pour out your heart to Him. And allow the people in the church to help guide you.

Maybe find some kind of a craft or hobby that you can put yourself into for a while as well and know that eventually life will get better.

My Thoughts
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

I have no advice... but I am sure there are others in the group who have the same situation.

So many single widows, without family.

If you are still relatively young, and can remain living where you are, remember to push yourself out of the home. It's necessary to communicate with others and still live life. Communications keeps your mind active... very important.

You didn't mention your age or circumstances... you might move into senior apartments or even assisted living (if needed) so that you have others around.

I would be the same, at some point, but I do have my sister and her family.

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