Living together

by Michael

I retired early to SW France 8 years ago. The village has a bakery, Post office and library.

There is an active group for retirees for meals, games afternoons, coach outings etc. The house, a former watermill is a 15 minute walk up to the village and 10 minutes back downhill.

Excellent neighbours and some Brits in the area for further contact. The nearby town has all services, 50 mtr pool and spa jacuzzi. You can eat well from 12 euros.

I am looking for others to share the wooded setting (.6 h), pool and easy walking.

My thoughts are to offer accommodation to rent or lease. The most important element in this scheme would be to find agreeable, active companions willing to help each other out but without any obligation to do so.

I am thinking that a younger, early retired friend, francophone and living close by, might act as manager and be the first line of contact for practical issues on the property, French administrative matters and healthcare.

The site has various places to eat out of doors. It is kept broadly in order with some strimming and grass cutting by tractor mower. A willingness to participate in the grounds maintenance would be helpful and is a pleasant pass time.

I would like to clear the old mill lodge. It is dry and might take water again. With others to share the costs we could install a pool cover and heating for year round swimming.

Shopping trips might share transport, we could taxi each other to the airport, Biarritz 1 hour, Bordeaux, 2 hours, Lourdes/Tarbes 90 mins.

I am now thinking of making 2 flats in parts of the property with the possibility of 2 more. These would be different but offering about 70 m2

This is a country setting. Bordeaux is a lovely city for a day or two but the house is away from the city lights. We have 3 municipal cinemas within 15 minutes and see some English language releases with French subtitles. Shared meals are the main way of socialising. There is a 'granny flat' available to visit and try out the site, the area and the fellow resident(s)

Guidelines. I can offer references and would need references from interested people. At least a little French would be needed. My healthcare costs are met from my British National Insurance contributions administered by the French regional fund (about 60% ) and the rest from an obligatory supplementary, 'mutuelle' for which l pay nearly 100 euros per month.

Tolerant, independent-minded people, able to rub along with others and enjoy the simple pleasures of a beautiful setting could be happy here.

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by: brenda London irish born

Read your comments and you sound such a nice person, and hope you will find what you are looking for. Yes its not nice when people do not get involved, as I am sure you are so nice to get to know. I wish you luck. Brenda.

is the paradise I am looking for?
by: brenda London irish born

Michael, This sounds so wonderful, I have been volunteering for the last 5 years, and would like to think of me for a while. Help me find my way.

I have been to France, and would love to live there. Can you keep me in touch how I could or would start the ball rolling. I am a loner, but a very happy person, I love animals and some people. I retired 10years ago, and get a little lonely now.

I would love to hear from you. Thak you Brenda.

Wendy: Brenda,there is no way for anyone to keep in contact with you other than the private community. Sorry!

Living in France
by: Lyse

Your plan sounds really good. I hope you keep us posted on how it unfolds. I am a fluent French speaker and always feel at home when I spend time in France. Bonne chance!

Living in France
by: Nina from London

Recently my friends moved to Lesparre, L'Archachon in France not far from Bordeaux. How far are you from there? Your place sounds idyllic...a nice village in France. C'est bonne!

Let me know more about your project for Brits who want to run away to France and enjoy the Bonneheure.

Best Wishes, Nina

Retirement in Florida
by: Cecelia

My husband retired from military and we settled in South Florida. He passed on 21 years ago and I'm still stuck in Florida.

Yes, it's great in the winter when we can get out and walk. But we are surrounded by friends who frequently die of old age and we sit and wonder what's next?

Already in paradise, seen it, done it, don't want it...Bah Humbug. Younger family members seem to be moving to Charlotte, NC...Nice place between mountains and not too far from the ocean.

Oh well, I've had my adventures... good thing for routines and the daily newspaper with the date at top.

My brother used to say: "There never will be another day like today's date."

HAVE A GOOD ONE...ceil..

by: Charlene


I visited Paris and the South of France 10 years ago on my 55th birthday. I've always wanted to return and stay in the South of France away from the maddening crowds.

I enjoyed the small villages and vineyards. Your place sounds like heaven. I only wish I were able to come and lend you a hand.

I am a retired nurse living on the island of Maui in Hawaii. People tend to keep to themselves here so I have found my retirement very lonely and my funds are very limited.

I do pray you find the people you need to carry on your quest.


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