Lonely... I'm Not Living.

by Naomi/ CA

It's 5am feeling lonely, lost questioning my life. I've been reading everyone's response to loneliness and I can truly relate and I am frightened.

My daughter's don't get it?? I really don't have any real friends and I stopped working. I can't use the word retired .

I'm 74 yrs young. I'm lost, I'm used to being by myself but I was working and being alone then was okay. My money, not the same now. I have lots of time on my hands.

No one really cares about me and that's not feeling pity for myself, it's true.

I have given of myself so much to others, no one thinks of me feeling any kind of way because I was always doing something or going somewhere.

Now I'm just here.

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To Diane from Canada
by: Nanct

You said you are volunteering at places you never thought you would. Can you share what these places are? I would like to volunteer, but I live in a small community and places to volunteer are limited.

How about a penpal?
by: Sharron

I just wonder if you found a friend to write to if it would help ease the loneliness.

Join the Community then do a search for pals! Wendy

You have to keep busy!
by: Anonymous

Look for a volunteer job. Consider getting a pet. Take classes at a community college. Join a club or cvlubs. Learn something new. It is hard,but you have to make yourself get out there. You can do it!!

Seek out advice from your best friend
by: Anonymous


I felt the same as you having, been divorced, raising my son alone until he left and going through periods of depression, and then I thought long and hard about who I should communicate with, who was my best friend?

I realized I was the best friend I ever had, and began sharing, with myself, all my fears, anxieties, and loneliness, and found now I may be alone but am no longer lonely.

I do force myself to go out, so I have some human contact, but am completely content to return to my home and get to know my best friend better each day. I have decided I am a pretty good friend considering all I have been through during my life.

Look inward, upward, and you will find the joy of real peace.

Help for loneliness
by: Eleanor/ Colorado

Do you like animals?
Would you be allowed to have pets where you live?
I couldn't imagine my life without my pets.
They give me a reason to get up in the morning.

They greet me with shining eyes, wagging tails or rub against my legs. They pet me, I pet them. We talk, we play.

Many years ago I had a parakeet, then cats, now cats and a dog. Adopted a small dog to have company when I walk because I need that exercise and don't enjoy it by myself. It opened up a new world of conversations with other dog owners.

And yes, volunteering is another avenue. Did that for 19 years and only stopped because I no longer had the energy to continue. You're helping someone or something else and it feels so worthwhile.

I understand
by: Nancy in Texas

As you get older, it's harder to find friends. this is a busy world and some people just don't have time for another friend. It's hard to except when you reach out and it doesn't happen.

I am not a joiner. . . you know,clubs, organized church and such. Always found some friends at work but work is different now. It's part time and the office I work in sells insurance. Well, we all know what a mess healthcare is now!! The office is very small now and a lot of agents quit the field.

I don't have the contacts I did. Being lonely can happen at any age to anybody. I have two children but they are busy with their lives and I don't get near the contact I would like. Sooo, here I am and trying to fill my world. My husband is also working two days a week yet, but it's not filling his world either. We are both struggling to find something that fills our cups.

Some days are not special. . . they are empty. . . but go outside and look at nature. Listen to the birds . . it will remind you that you are not completely alone.

Lonely...I'm Not Living
by: Sherry/NC

Get yourself a couple of volunteer jobs. You will find friends there.

If you don't like those volunteer jobs find other volunteer jobs until you find the one you enjoy. You will find friends.

Go to church. You will find friends there you can worship with on Sunday morning. There are programs you can get involved with in church.

Do you have a Senior Center in your town? They have lots of programs to get involved in. I do exercise classes and Line Dancing classes. I have friends there.

I live alone and yes, life is lonely. You have to make the best out of life and keep trying, never ever give up.

changing your life.
by: Diane, Canada

I understand how you are feeling. My story is somewhat the same.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about my life and realize I never really made decisions on my direction I just went with the flow and took advantage of opportunities. I did go to university to complete a degree later in life but let life happen.

Now I am taking charge of my life. I am doing volunteer work at places where I never would have worked before ( mainly because of low wage) and took up quilting. Just being accountable for myself.

It is starting to make a difference in my thinking..

a thought
by: Anonymous

Are there any volunteer jobs that appeal to you and you are able physically to do? (Sometimes they even lead to part time work!)

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