Lonely in quarantine..

by Jackie
(Norristown, PA USA )

I’m a 73 yr old young at heart woman. I had a penpal in Australia but he had to stop writing for some personal reasons. I was really enjoying our conversations. So I would like to have someone else to talk to… Preferably a man.

I have four children and nine grandchildren who all but one live out of state. We do FaceTime but it’s not the same as being in person.

I was a manager of a phone unit at an insurance company for 20 years. I retired at 59 1/2. After that I nanny part-time for many years. I just had a revision of a hip replacement in January and finally can walk without a cane. I’m feeling terrific!

My interests are art films and some general release, ancestry.com where I am the originator of the tree, love music of all kinds.

I’m a good listener..

Hoping to hear from someone soon.


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To anonymous
by: Jackie..PA

Hi! I just received a comment from you but Wendy had to delete your email address as you can see.
So I’ll just respond here.

Right now it’s kind of limited to what I can do. Not much out of the house other than groceries every few days taking the precautions necessary. I’m working on healing my hip and trying to be patient with that. It’s been 7 1/2 months but the surgeon said there’s still plenty of room for recovery. So as my leg gets stronger I will walk better. Thank goodness!

That’s one thing I like to do… Walk. I watch a couple of TV shows every day that I like along with playing words with friends with my cousin and some other iPad games. A lot of my day and be spent on ancestry.com. I have added 9900 people to my tree. I read sometimes too.

That’s really about it other than trying to get rid of old items in my house that I have absolutely no use for and cleaning out hundreds of old pictures.

How about you?

Lonely in quarantine
by: Anonymous

Hello, I'm 77 and also get lonely from time-to-time. Tell me about yourself. What do you
like to do.

Wendy: I am so sorry -- I had to delete your email address. I know you intend friendship but so many others will misuse you address. Scammers are everywhere today.

1) Join the Retirement Community where you can chat with lots of seniors.

2) Look under Senior Pen Pals and add your pen pal ad to the newsletter.

Either way, lots of friends out there and this is how to do it safely!

by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach


I don't do pen pals here. You can join the Retirement Community (private and safe), or join my Facebook group (where, at least, you can check to see if they are "real").

Best Wishes!

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