Lonely, Unemployed, Depressed Widow


Have you ever experienced being in a room full of people, and feel totally alone?

Upon becoming a widow after 50 yrs. of marriage, it is a total shock. Retirement after 27 yrs. as a dietitian seemed like the end of the world, but had to happen due to failing health, and mobility.

Where do i go from here? my mind is so alert. I have tried all the "work from home" advertised opportunities, only to discover after investing thousands of dollars that these are all "scams". It seems everyone was fraudulent.

What do i do now? I have written a children's book, many have said, it's good, but i have not found anyone that will assist in publishing it on a contingency basis.

Oh,how i miss my John, none of this would be happening if he were still here with me. Sometimes i think he best thing for me is to be with him. But then i know he would never want me to think hat way.

I don't really know what good it is to write this letter, except to vent.

I would love to have some type of supplemental income to add to my social security each month, but as previously stated, there does not seem to be any legitimate ways to do so from home. I could take telephone orders for companies, or furnish an answering service for someone.

I realize i have probably not been any type of service to anyone by writing this, but as i said, it has been a way for me to vent my feelings, and i would like to say thanks to anyone that took the time to read my whole letter.

Wendy: Anita, It sounds like you are transitioning from both retirement and the death of your long time husband. It's hard enough to adjust to one big change in life, let alone two! I'm sure this is a tough time in life. You will find your way, little by little, day by day... I pray it will get better for you!

Hopefully other retirees might have ideas for work. Here is my website on retirement opportunities. None are "get rich quick", but they are all income builders as I have used each one myself. I hire people from fiverr and mech. turk, at times, and also odesk.com. Hope this helps!

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by: kiara

Anita, like you, I feel very lonely too with retirement. But it is not what happens to us that matters so much, it is how we react to it and what we choose to do.

Like you I spend some money in scams and working from home dvds, etc. I am done with that.

You can teach children in your home or volunteer in the church or community in things you are able to do. You can try to learn crafts or plant a garden, etc.

I try to concentrate on my blessings and what I have than what I miss and what I do not have.

Life is a journey and retirement is part of it. Enjoy the time since it is so little.

We are blessed to live in this Country that gives us so many blessings.

I hope my words give you a little bit of encouragement and peace.

God bless you. K.

free book publishing
by: anita


i am anita, the lonely, unemployed, depressed widow that recently posted my comments of my present life to you.

I mentioned the childrens's book, that i have written. I have had so many good comments on my story,but it is so much red tape to get your book edited, and published. It is really not so much the red tape as it is the EXPENSE!!

Will somebody please contact me if there is some company out there that publishes on a CONTINGENCY, there has to be someone, somewhere that does this.

anitamontclair AT hotmail.com

Wendy:Anita, I think the problem is that "everybody" is an author nowadays... you have to really have something special, or been published previously, have a whole series of books, something really special for publishers to take you seriously.

A few ideas:

-- A blog to promote your books, let parents know who you are and what you've written about... time consuming to write and get visitors, but free or very cheap and offer the books on the site

-- Self Publish with "Print on demand" books (so you don't have to pay for xx copies and then get stuck with them)

-- You might consider E-books (electronic books) that don't need to be printed and are ready for immediate download.

-- Offer the E-books on Amazon as Kindle books.

Months ago, I read a book from Amazon which I thought was pretty amazing: How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months
.. The author gives you step-by-step how he sold his ebooks... he only charges $1 per book, but sold oodles of them (obviously!) It's below... it's cheap and you'll learn a lot of ways to publish and promote from him!

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