by Joy

Like many Seniors I am retired and after a short time began to feel isolated. So I started exploring volunteering.

There are Animal shelters, Hospitals, Senior Centers, Churches. The list is never ending.

I have walked away from some volunteer jobs because they weren't a good fit for me. I just found something else to try.

The point is stay positive and take the first step in finding a few hours a week to help others.

In helping others I have met a wonderful world of new friends and life resources!

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by: Your Name/Location

When giving your precious time to a cause you deserve satisfaction and perhaps camaraderie, appreciation. If you feel unappreciated, change gears until you receive gratitude!

by: loyce in California

I volunteer at local senior center, teaching Spanish and overseeing a social group. I promote community events online and with local radio. I'm seeking more outlets and will follow up.

Beautiful babies
by: Sherry/ NC

Hi Doris, I loved your comment about the gentleman volunteering at the hospital and holding and giving comfort to the disadvantaged babies! Imagine a helpless soul going through this tragedy.

Helping others
by: Sherry/ NC

Hi, helping others will make you feel good about yourself as I am sure you are feeling good now! Good for you!

Lonely - Volunteer
by: Doris Reinert

About a month ago I saw a story on television about a retiree who volunteers his time at a local hospital holding and comforting babies who were withdrawing from addiction as a result of their mother’s addiction.

The story both sickened and enlightened me at the same time. This is not for everyone - I think this would affect me too deeply, but the pictures of this man were beautiful. To see the love and compassion he has for these newborns was truly moving.

I heard a saying once - "the world needs more parents, even if you don’t have children" - there certainly is enough to be done. He became a "grand" father to hundreds of babies in need of simple comforting.

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