Long term relationships

by Georgia

Was married for 10 yrs, lived with him for 8 yrs...he was selfish, never spent time with me or the three kids. We divorced

Raised kids alone and no monetary help. Single for 17 yrs. Tried the married thing again. Made it 5 yrs in his isolation from friend and family. Single last 14 years but in relationship with someone for 7 yrs.

I am already being driven crazy by his predictability and money hoarding. In 7 yrs he has never put one dollar in the offering at church. If it is not on sale or free he doesn't get it.

If he bought me a card or present for holiday or birthday or valentine's I would fall over from shock.

May be time for me to move on since I seem to allow a relationship for abt 7 yrs before I pick it apart.

Some people just are not meant to be half of a couple. Guess I am one of them.

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Kudos to Those Who Ably Sail Solo
by: loyce smallwood

Kudos to We who have chosen or have adapted to going it SOLO, with pride in ourselves.

Hopefully, we are active, have a few solid friends and live a lifestyle which brings us contentment. As women become more successful in the workplace, marriage is no longer based on economics and should be based on enrichment of life. The contented individual should seek ways to enrich and dimensionalize one's life outside of dependence on another.

Look to yourself for YOUR happiness.

To remarry or not to remarry.
by: Liz in Georgia


Not sure it's not just better to go it alone.

Have been married three times. First one was an abuser and very short lived marriage but do have a wonderful son. Divorced only after a couple years.

Then married a guy I had worked with and known for years and we had a good marriage for 22 years, did a lot of traveling together and lots in common. Unfortunately, he passed away from a stroke at 67.

I waited many years and remarried in my late 60's. However, it's certainly not a marriage made in heaven.

Think I'd rather be alone.

Happiness Without Marriage
by: Linda

I have been divorced for 36 years and I can truthfully say I have no regrets. Since an early age, I have always believed that a certain segment of the population should not be married. Some women and men do not have what it takes to be a wife or husband. It is not a character flaw, and it is not anything to be ashamed of.

My life is always stable and stress free when I am not in a relationship. My personal freedom is very, very important to me. My biggest objection to marriage is that, not always, but in some cases, one partner loses a certain portion of control of their life. This is something I could never deal with.

Every time I ended a relationship, I felt free from the restraints of being someone I didn't want to be. I will always fly solo.

I did the same thing!
by: Anonymous

I did the same thing, but I did it for 25 years, and found that there was one friend I did not seek advice from ME!.

Now after being alone for 17 years, I realize I am the best friend I ever had, and I should have learned to take my advice much earlier.

The only bright spot was raising my son, by myself, was trying, expensive, but now rewarding, as I see the way he turned out, and the way he treats me. The only difference is that I am a man, but was treated the same by my wife.

Find peace from within!

Long term relationships
by: Elna Nugent, Mass

Dear Georgia:

You certainly don't seem to have a problem finding a man.

Are you an enabler?? Did you challenge the one who never put any money in the collection plate at church. Or does he just expect you to do it. Do you ask why you never receive a card on a special day.?

Are these men living off you most of the time. Do you think you attract the same type over and over….perhaps needy types. Think back to the beginning, do all of these men seem to have similar traits even if they look and act totally different from each other.

I think you might be happiest going solo and dating when you really think the guy is first a good friend. and you share expenses. You are going to be fine. Blessings.

Long Term Relationships
by: Sherry/NC

Let me see if I can make this easy for you! Why do you need a man?

If you were a single parent for many years you can do anything!!!!

You don't need a man! I have been single for 16 years and never felt as though I needed a man except it can get lonely sometimes, but I am not going to get a boyfriend just to pass the loneliness.

I keep busy to not be lonely. I would like to have a man friend, but not a boyfriend.

Women who are insecure need to be with a man. It is too much work!

Wrong half is mostly the problem
by: Anonymous

You seem to fall for the wrong sort of person to try to form a couple with. Think about why that is so.

peace be with you.

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