Looking Back One Year Later

by Canadian Retiree

Well I’m retired now almost one year to the day. I remember last September 11 when I picked up the phone and told the HR lady I was retiring. I may as well used the word “quit” because it feels more like I quit instead of retiring It’s been a rough year.

I still have mixed feelings about the whole retirement thing but I’m doing better. My anxiety is gone and my depression is lifting. Im able to move forward better. I’ll always miss my job and friends because they were like family.

At least my husband and I are getting along better and used to being around each other more. Watercolour art lessons are helping.

All I can do is hang in there.

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Canadian Retiree
by: Craig/Minnesota

Reading Canadian retiree's remarks, what at first appeared to be yet another lament about the evils of retirement evolved into something rather more positive. Thank goodness.

Her anxiety has evaporated, her depression is lifting and she is enjoying a better relationship with her husband. All very positive indeed.

I do believe that a happy and fulfilling retirement is at hand. Kudos to you.

Learning how to handle retirement
by: Jane/Texas

Just like anything else in life when we are learning something new we take baby steps. Before retirement our days are scheduled from the time we wake up until we go to bed. We know days and weeks ahead exactly what is expected of us, what we are going to do, and how we are going to do these things. The demands on us are planned and carried out, usually on a schedule or some routine.

Retirement takes the schedule, the demands, and constant planning away and switches it from the "Must Do" list to the "If you feel like it" list. We spend more time facing ourselves and our spouse than we ever have. Take baby steps.

The more you do; the more you will find to do. You do have to get out of bed and take the first step, then another, then yet again another. You are retired from "work" not life. Learn something new. It does not matter what it is or if anyone else does it with you. The key is to DO SOMETHING.

I started volunteering for things which lead to many more things. I have painted, read to the elderly, done baby sitting, participated in Special Olympics. I even knitted things to send to those in the armed services.

I retired early due to health reasons that are gone now. The point is I have been retired since I 2009. I turned 65 in 2016. I learned all about the baby steps. I fell on my face a few times when I started but I learned. You will too.

Pat yourself on the back for every win. The loses should only count for how many times you got back up. You have a lot to look forward to, I promise.

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