Looking for a Few Readers- Possible Sequel Coming?

by Ben

Book Giveaway. One of the things on my bucket list was to write a novel. A lifelong friend said no way would I would ever finish it. He suggested we make a bet with the loser donating to a charity of the winner's choice. With Eva's online classes and great advice from beta readers, I finished Dream Keys.

So, my wife is talking to my friend's wife and happens to mention that I am considering writing a sequel to Dream Keys. Last week my old friend called me to ask if it's true.

I told him I was doing a 25-book sequel sampling. If the majority thinks Dream Keys should have one, I do have some ideas floating around in my head. If not, I'll move on to other projects. Of course, he suggested another bet but charity will win either way.

I have FIVE books left as of 11/18/21. I ask that you can read this 364-page novel by the end of the year. Then if you would make a comment on Dream Keys and if you think a sequel would be a welcome addition. This book is not for the faint at heart and contains adult themes. There is zero cost for shipping also.

Send me an email to: dreamkeys @ fastmail.com

Full description: Dream Keys

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Thanks Jeanne
by: Anonymous

Thanks, Jeanne. I will look forward to hearing from you after you finish reading Dream Keys.

As of 11/28/21 at 10:30 EST I now only have 1 book remaining to send out. First come, first served!

Thanks to everyone participating. If you are too late to grab that last book, a Kindle edition is available for .99 cents on Amazon. Thank you.

Jeanne in Maine
by: Dream Keys

Dream Keys by Ben.
I ordered the book on Amazon and it's being delivered to my Kindle.
I will critique it and let you know what I think. Love to read!!!!!!! Jeanne from Maine

Books are still available
by: Ben, KY

I have been getting some emails asking if I still have books available. I do...I still have 3 books available. They are ready to ship out as soon as I have your name and address.

Again, completely FREE, no shipping charge, nothing, and even a SASE enclosed to return your comments.

I do request that everyone read the complete description as this book has some fairly spicy chapters in it. Certainly don't want to ever offend anyone.

This would be billed as a "romance/adventure" novel. Not for the faint at heart!

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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