Looking for a living situation

by Brent
(Thousand Oaks, CA)

I am 25 years divorced and have rented rooms in residential homes since ( I have done contract work here in The U.S. and overseas so I have never settled until now).

I'm now at an age where not many people want to rent to my age group. I would like to find other people in similar circumstances that would like to share an apartment or home.

I think it can be good for saving money and potentially, companionship. I will move any where at this point. I am currently in So. California.

I am financially secure, do not smoke or drink, I am respectful, sociable and in good health. I enjoy humor and the arts, as well as staying fit and getting together with friends.

Thank you,


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55 Plus
by: Brent

Thank you Elaine,
I will check it out.
I haven't used that search criteria yet.
The area Rose has suggested sounds appealing so I will be going soon to check it out soon.
I always appreciate the input.
Thank you again!

Living Situation
by: Elaine Dougan/PA


To add to what Rose told you try Googling "55+ Resident Owned Communities" in a location you're interested in.

In those communities, you buy the property and pay a usually small monthly maintenance fee that covers many costs. You will find people your own age and also the communities have many activities that will allow people to be as busy as they want to be.

My husband and I are in one of those in Florida for our winter home. We love it, works great for us.

A place to settle in.
by: Brent/Thousand Oaks, CA

Hi Rose,
I'm not sure if this is the right way to contact you, but I'd like to know more about what you wrote to me in response to my search for a place to settle in.

Thank you,


WENDY: Rose is a member of the Community, join the forum (right column) and search for her under MEMBERS. Then write on her page! Simple...

by: Rose Raintree Arlington Wa.


I live in an affordable senior mobile home community in Washington State and perhaps you may want to look into something like this.

I love my little home and my neighbors, there are men and women and a few couples living in this 30 mobile home park in a quiet safe and peaceful environment yet close to many things to do.

Everyone who lives here or purchases a home in the park has to past a background and credit check, but you might consider looking into this area it has many opportunities for seniors whether you prefer being a homebody or a social butterfly LOL

Join the Community!
by: Wendy

Brent -- join the Retirement community (right side bar) and maybe someone there will connect with you. You can write and find pen pals there -- maybe search for others in S Cal too!

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