Looking for pen pal from around the world

by Nancy
(Turtle Lake, WI)

well I like to chat with people from all over the world, I am married to a wonderful man. I have 6 children 23 grand kids and the 3 great grand kids. I like to play games on the computer l am on face book,as there are lots of thing to do there,like recipes for me to share with friends and family, like to walk when I can.

Wendy: I don't allow pen pal ads online anymore as too many scammers started writing to others. Please register for the retirement community -- click on the 2 smiling faces to the right. Then go under members and find new pals through a search - or write to others in the many groups. Simple!

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Penpals Welcome
by: BARB

Nancy...I would love to be your penpal. Your family is so big! how do you keep all the names, birthdays etc. straight? Please join us online per Wendy's suggestion. Click on the "Friendship here" box on the right.

Welcome to Retirement-online!

Finding penfriends
by: Marie

I understand what you are saying Wendy but once you have vetted the new members would it be possible to have a section where members can state their interest to be a penfriend. They would need to sign in to write or read in this section. By all means keep your email address rule. That's good.
If you already have a section like this, it isn't easy to find.

Wendy: WOW, Marie, I GET IT! I think... I can add a Pen Pal Ads section in the forum, so they are still safe. If anyone wants new pals, visit that specific group and write to them. Hmmm... that never dawned on me! Thanks! I will do that right now!

Finding penfriends
by: Marie

I can understand Nancy introducing herself the way she did. It's a bit daunting to pick any member at random and ask them to be a penfriend. Is this the best method we have?

Wendy: YES, I can't figure out another safe way. I used to publish them all here, online, but many started to get scammer emails. I was afraid someone might think them real, they are convincing!

Now I personally approve every person into the community (850+ of them), and thusfar it's worked well. Retirees join it to find chatty friends...

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