Looking To Fill In The Time: Lawn Bowls

by Chris
(Niagara Falls Ont)

I retired at 55 after more than 32 years in public service. I spent a year going back to school to finish a degree then settled into a routine of looking after the housework and the meals for my wife who was still working.

I played a lot of golf but missed the competition of my former work world. Then I discovered lawn bowls. I joined a local club and contrary to popular belief it was not a bunch of old people in whiter clothing gently throwing a ball from one end of a pitch to the other.

There were rules to the game and some serious skills to acquire in order to play at a competitive level. Even after having a double bypass and a valve replacement I was looking forward to getting back into the game.

Now in my late sixties I compete with people of all ages from kids to great grandmas and great grandpas. There are also the social side of the games where you can interact with people on a regular basis.

The best part is that we have met so many wonderful people.

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by: Loyce Smallwood

Am challenging myself with the game of pool, and since I learned golf in my later years, I am DETERMINED to master pool.

Stay tuned as learning is an issue all onto itself since I wish to run to the finish line and must LEARN to slow down and crawl, aggh.

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