Looking toward a Seamless Transition to Retirement

by Beryl Belsky
(Tel Aviv, Israel)

I don’t have to retire now. I can continue in my present job as a publications editor in an academic institution for a few more years. But I will probably retire within the next 15 months or so, mainly because I desperately need a change. A change could also be a new job, and if I could get a suitable one on a part-time basis I’d take it. But I might not, and so I’m making preparations for my retirement.

I’m fortunate to be an editor. I don’t have to be employed to use this skill; I can always freelance. And I’ll probably do that. But I also wanted to take my editing a step further and do something more creative with it. So, a few months ago I launched a site, called The Writer’s Drawer(http://www.thewritersdrawer.net/index.html).

Since I knew, and still know, next to nothing about the workings of the internet, developing the site has been a learning process. At first, my objectives were a little fuzzy. I was basically calling for any sort of “drawer writer” to submit their work to my site, and if it required editing, I would do it discreetly. However, it became clear that I needed to narrow my sights and to target a more specific audience.

It occurred to me that retirees would be an ideal writer- and readership. Some might have been writing sporadically pre-retirement and would like to develop this hobby (or passion). Others might want to begin now that they have the time.

They might try creative writing – short stories, poetry, essays − or seek to record their memoirs or their travels. I could help them with the editing process (free) and offer a platform for them to display their work. Moreover, I try to keep the site very conservative and simple, so that it’s easy to navigate and read.

At some stage I came across retirement-oneline.com, and I must have left a Facebook comment, because it was seen by one of your bloggers, Irwin Lengel (https://www.retirement-online.com/irwin-lengel.html). Irwin sent me some material which I worked on a bit – a short story (http://www.thewritersdrawer.net/the-day-his-hair-turned-white.html), a poem (http://www.thewritersdrawer.net/what-is-a-wife.html), and an essay (http://www.thewritersdrawer.net/retirement-and-line-dancing.html) − and then posted. The result is we’re both happy.

Hopefully, more retirees like Irwin will come forward. I enjoy working on the material and try to present it aesthetically, with photos and illustrations. If I can continue with the site postretirement, with a wide circle of writers who contribute material and comment on others’ work, I think I will have succeeded in making a relatively seamless transition to retirement.

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Reply to Gordon Kinghorn
by: Beryl

Dear Gordon,
I'm not clear what you mean about my "agenda." You can contact me at writersdrawer at gmail.com to clarify what you mean.

Reply to Beryl.
by: Gordon G Kinghorn

Dear Beryl,

Most interested in your comments, is it possible for you to contact me at; gordon at mjk.org.uk, I would like very much to learn more about your agenda.

Best wishes

Gordon K

The Writers Drawer
by: Irwin Lengel


Thank you for mentioning the items that were subsequently posted on your site. I have been writing for some time now but only recently started blogging.

Due to the amount of time and nature of the articles I post to retirement-online, I needed a different venue to place my other types of writing pieces, i.e., poems, essays, and my favorite - short stories.

Hopefully I can continue providing you with little stories I have written or new ones that come to me in the near future for your website.

The stories I write are based on things that may have happened over the years (not necessarily all of them involving me) that I think are interesting and make for a good read.

Hopefully most will be posted on your site for other retirees to read and who knows - ignite a spark within them thus causing them to do some writing themselves. After all, most of us are retired, semi-retired, or contemplating retirement and thus now is the time for us to do some fun stuff.

I look forward to visiting your site to read what others may submit as well.

Take care and have a good week.


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