Lost and Embarrassed?

by Mike

Quickly retired about a month ago at age 60 as I was convinced my job was responsible for my depression. (taking meds and therapy). Wow, what an eye opener.

Raising a family (divorced 2 years ago), work, and taking care of the house didn't leave much time for hobbies. I still think I needed to quit my job but I've felt lost and anxious ever since I quit.

My self esteem seems to have taken a hit as I feel somewhat embarrassed to say I'm retired....was not expecting this reaction.

Starting to volunteer, trying to stay busy around the house, and getting out to the gym but I still seem to be in a 24/7 uncomfortable funk.

Receptive to getting another job but not sure what I want to do, which adds to the anxiety.

What do you think, be patient and give myself some time? Thanks,

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by: DAVE

I retired as a postman after 45 years in anger at how I was treated. Four years later, after therapy, I am still asking everyone I meet what I can do but do not act on advice and hurting family as I repeat same questions every day. Just feel frustrated and useless.

one month
by: Nikki

I retired a month ago. I also thought my anxiety was all job sourced. Believe me the anxiety has been reduced by 80% now that I am not working, but I still get it on some days. So I wonder if I would have treated the anxiety I could have gone on working? But, I am not planning to go back. I paid my dues for 33 years.

I am going on a trip in few days. when I come back I am really going to have to figure out what I want to do. Its nice having adequate time to think about it.

I would have liked to say that I determined what my new goals are within in a month ...but i didn't. So don't feel bad. I do find taking care of the house and my vehicles takes up alot of time. and trying to reestablish friendships I had no time for previously...

I struggled with what to say if someone says: What do you do? I thought I would say I am a financial expert. And if they say for who? I would say "myself'. But as it turns out I haven't said that at all. I just say: I am somewhat retired.

Lost and Embarrassed?
by: D

You have only been retired for a month. It is a big life adjustment. I have been retired for 2 years and love it. I am getting things done around the house that I have been putting on hold for years. Give yourself a break. If you really wanted to go back to work, you should look into different options. Going in as a temp., a consultant or just into something you really want to do. Give yourself a break and some time.

It takes time
by: Nancy

I was in exactly the same boat as you when I retired. I found this website a year and half into my retirement, but I wish I had found it before. Wendy has 1/2 hour chats. Take her up on it. I read all these stories on here and it helped so much. Getting a counselor would have helped me too, but I hadn't thought of online counseling at the time.

You'll Be Fine
by: Serbella McGee

It's natural to feel lost. You spent all those years working for someone else. This is your rime now. No need to be embarrassed. That's natural too. Be kind to yourself. It gets better.

All normal...
by: Wendy, www.retirement-online.com

You are absolutely right... be patient and give yourself time to figure it all out.

You've never had free time like this before and it's daunting to start with. Little by little, it will come around and you'll become busy-as-you-want-to-be and not-so-busy when you feel like chilling (because You Can!)

Takes time. You sound logical. Give yourself a break!

Retirement is Good.

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