Lost in Retirement

by Walter
(East Coast)

I retired about two years ago from a top level state government job. Unfortunately, I retired from something not to something.

After the first year, I got a new job, but I am not the boss, but one of the minions. I am bored and miss the higher level position, but now I would be bored leaving the new job--not a hobby guy.


Can you enjoy retirement without a hobby, without volunteering, etc?

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My retirement glide-slope
by: drew

My first post! Am blessed with adequate financial resources to stop working pretty much anytime after September, when I'll be 62 and eligible for SS.

While I probably will continue to work, September is an important milepost for me in what it represents, the ability to "pull the switch" if that's what I want.

My personal situation is difficult, a spouse who is chronically ill and has severe emotional issues that probably will never be addressed. Were I to do it again, I would not marry.

As I am in good health, work is a bit of escape from home, as well a somewhat rewarding financially and quite a bit emotionally.

As to retiring to "something", I am blessed with musical ability, and have been playing in a local big band (sax/clarinet) for the past 15 years. When I stop working, I plan to take every community college music class I can find. I plan to keep very active in my musical world after retirement. I have found my passion. drew

Another suggestion
by: Len/Palau

Hello Mr. Walter,

Thought I share information regarding a new initiative that is going on in the Pacific and other countries as well. This is Peace Corp Volunteer Program. It is different from the original one.

This time it is recruiting retirees. In our ministry of education we have 3 already. I know several who are at other ministries of our government. It is my understanding that programs that recruited them pay for their apartments.

Well with my earlier comment I mention about traveling. This is one way to do so and get an opportunity to share your expertise and at the same time learn a different culture.

Take care!

It Depends
by: Len from Palau

Having 9 months to go before I retire ...I am still thinking/ planning on what to do then. I now know that I would prefer something different than what I do now (Education). I believe it depends on each of us because of personal issues/situations. If I have the money, I would travel to somewhere different and make it a joyful learning adventure. Best of Luck!

Teaching a college class
by: Nancy

I like Wendy's idea of teaching a college class. Since I have been retired, I've found myself thinking what I would different if I had the opportunities of my previous jobs. One is teaching. I've been thinking how I would teach a class if I had the opportunity. Just one class would provide a lot of intellectual stimulation and fill up quite a bit of time.

Who are you
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

Dear Walter:

Anyone..especially men..who has been in a job for a long time, especially a high level job... can gain a hugely important sense of balance by consulting a skilled psychological counselor. Don't laugh.

Life has played a trick on us by making us feel that we are what we do. Women used to feel they ceased to exist when their children went out of the nest. Now they have joined the men in feeling lost as they leave a job they enjoyed in the workplace.

Most successful new jobs today are formed by those who work at home on their computers, either selling an idea or a product or a skillset. You can also gain satisfaction by passing on your experience or knowledge. If you are not computer savvy, take a course at your community college of hire someone whose skills you need to launch something new.Also join a walking or hiking group for exercise.

You are ao much more than a job. We are are desperately searching for meaning in our lives but don't know it. The cells in your body are renewing themselves constantly. You are much younger than you and don't know it.


Have I finally found a purpose?
by: Carol/West Chester Pa

Do you have a buddy to do stuff with? I have been on the ups and downs of retirement for 4 years. Therapy did not help, adult classes were ok. As Wendy says we need a purpose.

And that, to me, and I think to others, is the difficult part of retirement. What is our purpose in retirement. I can not answer that for myself. There is nothing from childhood that I want to repeat, and I don't want to be childish. I had a high level position, staff. Now I have me and grandkids that I visit. My stamina is declining so teaching for weeks on end is not what I want to do.

I have found new friends in my water exercise group. Male and female friends. I used to be the non-talker, just do the exercise and leave. Out of the blue I ventured conversation and now I am in a small group of friends who chat in the water after class. Now I have a reason to get out of the house for a few hours a day.

I still, after 4 years, have to mentally let go of being the person in charge. Maybe my purpose is to have fun in this stage of my life, to really allow myself to enjoy owning the whole day . Change is hard, change is difficult for me. Maybe my purpose is to learn how to enjoy change?

by: Deborah Hercsek

A worldwide activity if you like to discover, hike, adventure

I was an educator for 35 years, totally schedule minded, constantly organizing, had a marvelous purpose of teaching, touching lives, and making a difference.

after retirement
by: mildred/tn

I wound up seeing a psychiatrist after I retired bec of depression. He said to think back to my child hood to what made me happy and to reinvent myself. I loved dolls. So I took a doll making class but that did not fill the void. Then I became a Foster , got to adopt a 6 day old infant when I was 60 and never looked back.. Thank u Jesus.. He needed me as much as I needed him. Now he is 18 an I am 77 and we are still chugging along...lol

Dear Lost...
by: Wendy, www.retirement-online.com

Yes -- you can certainly enjoy work without a hobby or without volunteering, but you need something to do.

You need purpose.

Some folks can sit at home, be totally happy in their rocking chair, but it sounds like you are not one of them... neither am I.

-- Could you mentor people under SCORE? (google them)

-- Teach a college or adult ed class locally or online?

-- Could you start a website to help people? The beauty of an online business is that you do it when you choose to, the time you choose to work, you structure your time, the site, who the audience is, what you will provide, how to monetize it. It's really a challenge and a fun one at that!

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