Lost Money

by mildred/tn

Always check w/ www.lost money.com which I saw on Good Morning America a few years back..

I have lots of time and will go to this site and check names that I know etc.

I found $7,000.00 for my daughter in law that her father had left her thru a life insurance policy.

I also found $100,000.00 for my x sister in law.

Found another amount of money last week for another x sister in law.

I get joy in doing this.

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Missing Money
by: Your Name/Location

Yes, my daughter brought this to my attention and I have received several thousand dollars in the past few years from insurance policies my mother had. I thought they had all my info from the first time but come to find out no one searches for you.

You have to keep checking this sight (free) and if a name is there you recognise and think one can collect you follow the procedure asked for.

I was delighted and shared some with my daughters!

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