Lost Pension with PEPCO?



Wendy: I really don't know what benefits you might have had but try these two ideas, below, and if you get replies and have questions, use the contact me (bottom left) and I will try to help you more!

1) Here is the Pepco website, contact page. Write and ask them.. they'll need dates of employment too.

2) Search the PBGC website for Lost Pensions. They are a government agency all about finding lost pensions, protecting pensions!

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There is never any harm in inquiring what your rights are ....
by: (Mr.) Durgesh Kumar Srivastava JiBhaiya@gmail.com New Delhi, India

Dear friend Pearl (MD),

I have read your question with the title "Lost Pension with PEPCO?". You have done the right thing by asking this question after such a long delay of nearly 20 years.

Let me begin by asking you a counter-question. Suppose, you would have taken a loan from this company before quitting your job? Would they not have corresponded with you, given you legal notices and then, having failed to recover the loan amount, or to trace you, put the outstanding amount in a suspense account or in Sundry Debtors account?

Then suppose one day you landed up in their office and offered to repay the loan amount with interest, would they not immediately re-open that old account, calculated the amount due from you and accepted the payment.

Now when you approach them to claim your pension or other dues, they would follow the same procedure. They will check their account books, find out if some money is owed to you and pay you to square the account. Entries made in account books are never cancelled. They always remain there till they are squared up as per accounting principles of Double Entry Book-keeping.

Please do as suggested by Wendy, and let us know when you begin receiving your pension, as well as the accumulated arrears of past pensions. Let us all then join you in celebrating !

Let me narrate an old anecdote from my memory. My late father-in-law was very fond of talking to me for long periods. One day while recounting tales from his student days, he told me that he had gone abroad for his research studies and had taken up a job at Christmas time to collect and deliver mail to supplement his finances. Later, that job had continued for nearly three years on a part-time basis for night duty. When his research work was completed he returned to India without collecting his final dues.

I advised him to write to the concerned department giving details or approximate details and inquiring if any dues were pending. He wrote to his employers (a government department) giving all necessary details. After two - three months he received a proper reply, enclosing a Statement of Account and a payment request form. Needless to say he received a handsome amount in the form of an international bank draft. This was his salary due for the final week/s of his employment and accumulations in his provident fund account.

Please search your papers and if you have with you your last salary slip or any other similar paper, please enclose a xerox copy of the same with your letter of inquiry, in which please give detais of your present location and how you will like to receive your payments. My Best wishes! Greetings on Thanksgiving Day !
(Mr.) Durgesh Kumar Srivastava JiBhaiya@gmail.com
New Delhi, India, 25th November 2010

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