After 20 years at a nursing career and 5 years of community personal care attendant, and nanny to 2 grandaughters since 2000, I finally retired in 2007.

However, I have never been able to save money, with 1 thing or another, so I was on a retirement budget. In 2008, I was given the bad news! I had to have a hip replacement. I was only 60, I was thrown a curve ball. How unfortunate is this, I thought! On my 61st birthday, can you believe it?

The surgery went great but my stay in hospital was an absolute nightmare! I was terrified, I was so scared I would catch something else, me a nurse, to think such a thought. The Operation was on Thursday and by Saturday I was ready to go home, the doctor had other plans for me. I was told if I could walk up 15 steps, I could go home. I had no elevator in my building & it is a seniors building, I had my apt. on the 2nd floor. Oh gosh, what can I do now!?

Doctor said I may have to stay at least 4 or 5 days! Physio. doesn't work on the weekends... however their was a young intern on duty learning to become a physiotherapist, so I asked the on call doctor if she were to watch me climb the stairs , could I go home? Yes, he replied...

So with the help of 1 crutch and lots of will power, I oh so slowly ascended the stairs with caution, up and down, took awhile but I did it~~ I was going home.

Fortunately recovery was short, cause I was determined to get well quickly. After about 5 or 6 months, and 10 hand crocheted baby afghans, I needed something more. Maybe I retired too soon? I was thinking: Is this retirement -- living on a budget & having only enough money to get by on. Really?

I had a drivers license but no car, not since 2009, too expensive with costs always going up! I had very few clothes cause I was always in uniform & working. Divorced in 1989, I was on my own, luckily my 2 children were old enough now to take care of themselves.

Anyhow about 1-1/2 years ago, became very depressed, doctor prescribed a low dose of meds. and continued to monitor my progress. Pills helped, however was still pretty much on my own, with not much to do. Their was a bus pass to get around, but where does one go when the budget does not allow extras?

Recently, my 1 of 2 grandsons came with his dad, my son, to visit, and Wesley had a present for me. He needed a new laptop for school and thought I would enjoy having his other one. Yes, this is great, wow, my very own computer, I was so excited.

After they had set it up for me, was anxious for them to leave (isn't that selfish?) but, I just could not wait to get at it. Now the computer is pretty much my best friend!

It truly is a whole new world, I have found part-time work and all because I wanted to learn how to control the computer. I am on my way to becoming a productive member of society with all that I have discovered over these last few weeks, brought on by the thoughtfulness of one special young and fine grandson!

Thank you Wesley!

I once was *lost* but now I'm *found*

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Lost & Found
by: Joe W.

Sharyn, Greetings from a fellow Canadian. I live in Edmonton, Alberta. If you need anymore help I would be available to help you. My background is very similar to yours regarding your poverty situation.

One difference is that you are now working in a part-time job whereas, I decided to try out different small businesses until my latest project. The Seniorpreneur Project, my personal passion which is now taking up most of my time. I want to build my own Inner Entrepreneur as compared to working jobs for other people.

So, I hope you take some time for self-discovery to find out what you always wanted to do and work a things that you have a passion for.

Good Luck!

Joe W.

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