by Carol
(Surrey, BC Canada)

Never wanted to retire. At age 60 I went to part-time, I really liked my job and it was enough to make some extra money. Cuz I could not live on old age pension.

At age 69, he laid me off. I was upset and a little mad but also excited about having time off.

First day off, I baked all day, second day off, cleaned the whole house, third day off I was bored. I'm lucky in some ways, I have a dog I walk 2 hours a day and I also started going back to the gym which I love. So trying to fill up my days. I also take a lot of naps as I love to sleep.

But do feel kind of lost and hopeless some days and keep thinking about looking for another small part time job not sure what to do. My health is very good and I'm fit.

Got laid off the end of December so not much to do in the winter. I'm hoping I'll have way more to do when summer comes and I can garden and go out more.

Had to give up my car as can't afford it now so that is limiting me. My husband works three days a week part time so I can use his car when he isn't using it so not so bad.

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by: Anonymous

I have been retired a year. I keep my 4-year old grandson during the school year and also work PT in my church preschool dept on Tues. I also work health fairs PRN as an RN. After May, I will no longer babysit him as he will start VPK next school year.

I have had moments of feeling "purposeless" and am very concerned about that after May. I can totally relate to your situation. Keep us posted on how you adjust!

Response to: Lost
by: Ken / San Diego CA

Dear Lost,

Time for you to ENJOY your FREE time~ You've put in enough years (decades) working - like me~

Travel, do spontaneous trips with friends or even solo. Have lunch in another city - take the train (if that is available in your area)

Take a nap anytime you want. Stay up late, wake up late, OR early~ Your time for freedom is now~~

Best Wishes

by: Sherry/ NC

Get yourself a volunteer job! Give back to your community! Good luck!

I understand
by: Debbie

I understand what you are describing. I have been retired for 4 months now but it seems like alot longer. It is quite a big adjustment. I have been trying to learn how to do new things. Taking some classes. Maybe try that before you take on another job. Maybe fill up the empty spaces with things you love to do.

by: MB/Ohio


I've been retired a little over 3 months and, like you, have definitely felt lost. I think you'll find from reading this site that many people feel the same way. Some people on this site have given me good advice to be patient, that retirement is a transition into a new way of life, and I will eventually find my way.

I think walking your dog and going to the gym are a couple of good first steps. Keep the faith, best of luck to you, and I'd encourage you to continue to check on this site.....other's words are helpful on some of those "really lost" days.

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