by Patty

After working for 45 years in a high stress health care career I was asked to retire.

I did have that idea on my mind but was vascilating and somewhat resisting.

My job consumed me so I have no friends outside of work.

Five months into this retirement stage, here I sit on my sofa wondering what to do with myself bored out of my skull! My work friends are busy with their own lives and we haven’t socialized at all.

My husband is 12 years younger so he won’t be retiring for another seven years.

I know that I need to do something with my time but I can’t bring myself to be the house frau, it’s just not me.

What to do?

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Lost Also
by: Canadian Retiree

I can relate to that lost feeling in retirement. I retired a year ago and I’m still finding my way. I tried volunteer work but it made me miss my job of 20 years even more.

I’m signed up for for a workshop on Leadership skills. I don’t know why I want to take this but it beats sitting at home brooding over my job. I’m also taking watercolour painting classes which are very therapeutic.

Most of my friends are still working so I feel lonely at times too.

My husband is retired but he loves to be alone and doesn’t like going out much so I’m on my own a lot.

I’m turning 65 in December so maybe retirement will seem more real to me then. I think about returning to work as an auxiliary or finding a part time job elsewhere but so far haven’t done so. Oh well one day at a time

Plenty to do
by: Laura in Vermont

First, get out a recent newspaper that has a calendar of events and see if anything appeals to you. If there's a college nearby, see if they have continuing education classes in something you'd like to try. Or check out videos on YouTube and learn how to do a new activity.

If you ever had a passing interest in something, now is the time to try it out. If you have ambitions of doing work on the house, try a Home Depot class or two to get the skills.

You could write about your life and organize pictures to illustrate it, and make a book for your family. Or two, or three. My dad did that for us.

Get your home movies digitized. Whatever it takes, make a legacy for your family.

Weed out the junk that has accumulated over the years. It makes for more room and less stress.
Go to places where people hang out over coffee and
make some friends. Or volunteer somewhere, or join a club that resonates with you. Meet new friends while doing good.

Be a kid again, at least explore a bit and try new things with nobody telling you it can't be done. You have seven years till you have your husband at home all the time, so find some interests and pursue them!

If you have a reason why NOTHING will work, see a doctor and rule out health problems.

Try New Things In Retirement!
by: Judy F-R

Hi Patty:

I was in the same boat when I retired at 61 years old after working since I was 16 years old.

I, too, didn't know what to do with myself - I found myself on my back deck reading many good novels - That was okay for a while, but then it got to be boring - and I found myself wondering what to do with the rest of my time because my Husband was still working - After a few months of my retirement, I went to the nearby senior center and joined up with a senior theater group - It has been wonderful for me - I have been in many plays since 2007 - Also, I found a part-time job, which was bringing me in a little money because I was not old enough to get Social Security - It also provided interaction with people, which was great! - All I can tell you is to try some new things, as you might be pleasantly surprised - It takes a while to find your niche in retirement -

Don't give up! - Find out what new things you might like to do to bring happiness in your life while your husband is still working.

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