Low Income Senior Housing

By Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

I want to tell you about my experience with Low Income Senior Housing...

Low Income Senior housing is not always bad... despite the negativity out there. 

Do your homework, talk to those already living there, check out the public rooms... and read my story here!

My father only paid 30% of his income (only Social Security) for a really nice senior apartment that we both loved.

Low income housing expenses gave my father more freedom to do what he wanted to do!

Let's Explore this...

As we age, it's not all fun... We lose friends, don't have the money we thought we'd have, find it harder to get around and do even the ordinary things, like cook dinner. Bills increase, and incomes do not. Driving becomes a hassle, so many of us get out less, becoming more and more like the crazy cat lady we all swore we would not be... grin!

But here's what you may not realize: Low Income Housing could be the key to solving all those problems. Rent, mortgage, bills, transportation, companionship, even entertainment can once again become stress-free parts of your life when you live in just the right place. That's why low income housing for seniors is something many of us should take a look at... if you qualify.

What IS Low-Income Housing?

Low income housing is a range of housing options - from independent living arrangements to progressively more assisted living. The highest level of low income senior housing is Section 202, designed specifically for seniors.

If you go with Section 202 housing, you'll find yourself in small but comfortable apartments you select yourself, at a price figured against your income so you can afford it.

Why would you even consider this option?

Let me tell you about my father - he lived in low income senior apartments for a few years and we both loved his apartment.

  • Finances were tight with only Social Security for income, but he lived quite well as he only paid approximately 30% of his income (around $330/mo of $900/month income).
  • That left plenty for food, doctor appointments and medications (he had HAP Senior Plan so was lucky there too), and even his visits to the local watering hole (his favorite pub!)
  • Dads low income senior housing covered most utilities. The only bills he had over and above his rent payment -- Telephone and Cable TV! (and car insurance as he still drove).
  • The low income apartment building (subsidized by the government) paid for his water, electricity, air conditioning, heat. We were amazed.. and felt so blessed as his worries were over.
  • It was quiet... no children screaming and playing (as there were in his mobile home park), only quiet seniors. Some folks don't mind the kid noises, but my dad did.
  • There was a bus service for those who wanted a ride to the nearby grocery stores, etc. Very convenient... especially when gas prices are sky-high! There were parties - plenty of them with potluck bring-a-dish dinners. Sometimes they had pizza, or turkey dinners at Thanksgiving, dinners and some chit chat get together time.
  • There were activities - movie night, blood pressure screenings, craft nights, birthday parties each month, visiting nurses.. just a variety of activities. If you wished to join in, you could, without leaving the building.
  • When I went to visit, there was always lots of seniors hanging out daily. Some in the TV room, others in the library, and others in the main foyer that functioned like anyone's living room. Chairs and couches and they were filled with chatting seniors daily.... just wanting to get out of the apartment for some chit chat! (and they could retreat to their own living area whenever they wanted, to get away from it all too).
  • Now, I will admit -- my father did NONE of this.. grin! He stayed in his apartment, went out when he wanted to, and was safe and secure (in my mind).  He didn't participate in anything, never went down to chit chat, and lived his solitary life much like he did before he moved to a low income senior housing. He enjoyed the apartment as he had his privacy still... so its a win-win "home". 

How can I find these Low Income Housing places in MY community?

You can find these low income housing units with a quick Google Search: I entered

"senior hud apartments in roseville, michigan"

-- just change to your location below and see what Google finds for you... probably apartments you've driven by for years, and didn't know they were low income senior apartments!

Section 202 housing fills up fast, and there can be as much as a two-year waiting list for the most desirable places.. so if you think you may want to live there, in the future, don't hesitate to start shopping around today. You can apply, and if housing is available, say "no thank you".. but you can't just walk in and get an apartment at most places.

One more thought -- most of these housing units run credit checks, you need good credit to get into them. If you are losing a home, apply before you walk away, or before your credit goes bad.. or you may not qualify for the low income options!

While your options in your golden years are limited by your health and your wallet, no one should wind up living on the street. There are options for everyone in America if you only look around... we really loved dads low income apartment, and you might find one just as comfortable for you!