Lunch at a Victorian Rose Tea Room

by Wendy

Victorian Rose Tea Room

Victorian Rose Tea Room

Yesterday, I went out to lunch with a couple gals once again.. we do lunch somewhere different every month.

Phyllis was my first supervisor (1973-1986) until she retired. Karen and I worked together (1975-early 80s) until she had kids and quit to run the family greenhouse with her husband.

On to lunch, this time we went to "Victorian Rose Tea Room" in Rochester, Michigan.

We had such a nice lunch, as always, with lots of friendly chatter... but, let's talk tea rooms.

It was really cool... decorated in the Victorian period, the decor was so beautiful. Everywhere you looked, you saw pink and many china tea cups, lace, everything you'd expect of a victorian tea house!

Photo 1: This is the outside of this fine establishment. It's location (for those located in Michigan) is 118 W. Third, Rochester, MI. Phone: 248-652-8595

Photo 2: Phyllis and Karen at our table. They both had Cashew Chicken Salad, with fruit and a scone on the side.
Karen also had asparagus soup, which looked good...

Photo 3: Wendy, your website host, smiling very happily at her lunch. It was delightful... cashew chicken sandwich, and a "supreme" salad with mandarin oranges, raspberry dressing, and more! Premo lunch! Just delicious.

It was very reasonable too! About $8 for sandwiches, $11 for my sandwich and salad. We ordered Tea for Three, apple cinnamon, too!

Fun Fun -- call a friend today and make plans for lunch! Doesn't have to be somewhere fancy, just enjoy some good old-fashioned chatter with a friend!!

- October 2011

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Lunch with Friends
by: Gwen

Lovely idea, Wendy. A pretty place, and you certainly look as if you thoroughly enjoyed you time with friends.

We have similar places where I live, if there were someone to to share.

Wendy: Quite honestly, Gwen... if they were to wait for me to make luncheon plans, it might never happen. Luckily for me, Karen makes arrangements every single month... and runs a huge greenhouse (while I am retired).

In retirement, more than ever, we ALL need to get out. We all need FRIENDS. We do!

If you have nobody right now -- actively seek new folks. My parents were too busy with work, but when they retired, they started to play cards with several neighbors... 20 yrs later, they still meet for dinner or cards (even though they no long live in the same neighborhood).

Bottom Line: Look at neighbors and simply Ask if they'd like to have lunch out. Join a book club at the local library. whatever. There are plenty of local ladies probably thinking the same as you.. wish I had someone for some lunches and chatter!

Be gutsy, the worst that can happen is that they politely decline. Oh well... Try another gal!!

Best Wishes!!

High Tea!
by: Barbara

Isn't it just wonderful?

I prefer coffee... but tea is lovely.

If you ever get the chance - go to the Empress Hotel in British's the most elegant experience ever!

everyoneiswelcome at

Nice Job!!!
by: Phyllis

Hey Wendy--- You did an exceptional job!! The lunch was delicious (as usual), but the best thing of course was enjoying the friendship and just plain fun with a couple of exceptional 'young' ladies!!!

I highly recommend the place and experience with everyone!!! Phyllis

Wendy: Young? Huh? Hey, I retired.. I can't be that young.. but heck, tell me again, Phyllis! Grin!

Someone else may feel just as 'alone'.
by: Phyllis

Never forget that there are many 'lonesome' people out there --just waiting for an invitation to be a friend.

I must admit that I lived in this house for 22 yrs. and never really got to know my neighbors.

My husband passed away a year ago this week and as a result of receiving a sympathy card and an invitation for lunch from my neighbor, who we had always waved to and said hello to when we saw her-but that was all; she and I have now gone out to eat together several times. We have also gone flower shopping together for our yards and traded flowers.

See---a new friend!

Wendy That's pretty much how my parents found new friends in retirement -- and they are good friends now for 20 years, having started out as neighbors alone1

That's what life if all about -- friendship!

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