Make Videos using Videomaker FX

Do  you enjoy making graphic videos?  Even if you've never done a video, this is another idea for making money online. You can make videos for others... start with until you know your videos sell well, then move on to higher fees and a better income.

You can control the images and text, and how each piece is added to the page as the visitor watches – then how each page transitions from one page to the next, finally add some music, VOILA!

Many online video maker apps require a monthly or annual payment, which is fine if you are earning good money with many clients… but until you get there, here is my recomendation:


This software gives you many many templates to choose from – or you can complete design your own – it offers so many cool features that help you make video for your customers:

  • Gallery gives you some image options, and you can also upload your own images and photos
  • Hand options: the hand can write out the text you enter or it can place the page up there.
  • You can enable the voice option or you can speak through the videos. The nice thing is that you can say what you want about each page, then move on to the next. Re-record if you goof, and start that one page over. Simple.
  • Music is available to choose from and you can upload your own, of course.

Just a really fun software that could help you start a Video Business. You could do videos for local businesses so they can put the videos on their websites or Facebook and other social media. 

Try selling short videos on, while you develop your know-how.  Get feedback from those purchasing your videos to assure yourself you understand what buyers are seeking.  

THEN go to the bigger outsourcing venues:, and local companies.

Check it out!     VideomakerFX

I really like it… learn it and make income helping others with videos!