Many boring days.,..

by Kiara Figueroa
(Houston, Texas)

First, I want to thank the Almighty for my health. It has given me the blessing of being able to work for more than 30 years and enjoy my life to the best.

Second, I am grateful for the great career that I choose and I miss working. I think I was not and still am not ready to retire. I like being busy since I had a very fast pace job as a legal assistant and translator, I was surrounded by people and demands all day I miss those days. I also worked in Puerto Rico many years where there is so much socializing and party. I miss that too.

Since my husband is still working and plans to work until his last breath, retirement is more lonely for me.

The volunteerism, the taking care of babies, the traveling the world gives me joy and happiness but I still have the void of the work in my heart.

I have twin daughters living in another state and still am waiting for grandchildren.

USA is not my Country, I lived in Puerto Rico most of my life and even though I visit every year I miss my country and I miss my culture and the people. We are so different from the american culture. Since my husband does not speak Spanish, I miss my language too.

But above all, I have more blessings than misses, hahahha!

Any recommendations my friends?

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Retirement For 2
by: Joe W.


Hi! I always wondered what would happen when there are two different people that have different ideas about retirement. Myself, I'm single and I don't have the situation you have.

On the surface, I'm sure that there will come a time for your husband to retire and make both of you happy.

As a legal assistant & translator I would imagine that to become more active/productive you could still set up a small business specializing in this area. Your clientele probably immigrants (including Puerto Ricans) would be a good start. Maybe even become an International traveller. But then again what do I know.

The retirement transition is a very challenging experience for most people especially for those that spent a lot of time in the corporate life. And now I hear that it is still more stressful for a marriage couple not moving in the same direction toward a mutually compatible retirement life.

Good Luck!

Joe W.

Just for You!
by: Goldie

Saw your post - and found this today...sounds like something you might enjoy.

Go to USAJOBS - it's in Puerto Rico working for the Federal Government.

Good luck!

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