Marriage is still Beautiful after Retirement...

by Tom
(Haryana, India)

Residing in Haryana, India I and my wife both were working as teachers in state government till we retired. I retired first followed by my wife who retired three years after.

Our retirement was not our choice but was timed as per competing 58 years of age which is the defined retirement age in the state government services.

Our married life has not affected much due to our retirement since financially both of us are getting pension from government which is an advantage of being in state government services; we have already finished our responsibilities towards our children much before my retirement and are living alone since three years before my retirement.

Some positive changes have definitely happened in our relationship since she has also retirement.

Now we both spend more time together and now I help my wife in preparing breakfast and lunch both while earlier I used to help her in preparing breakfast only.

Dinner is still exclusively managed by her since I have joined some NGO and I spend my evening there. And if she is tired or not in mood of preparing dinner, we order home delivery or if it is Friday or Saturday evening, we spend our evening in a nice restaurant of choice.

After retirement our marriage has in fact strengthened. With growing age, we understand each other much better and definitely need each other more in unhealthy situations.

We have plenty of time now for us after retirement.

I have joined a tuition center and NGO where I spend my time after finishing lunch and she spends her time in a charity organization for two hours every day and has started learning yoga which she could not do earlier due to lack of time.

She in fact has started to teach me her learnt lesson every morning, making me get up as early as she gets up. Eventually this yoga is beneficial for both of us; hence despite feeling bit resistant to wake up early, I give in and feel better after we are done.

We both now have time to meet our old friends. Most of them are also retired now and have enough spare time like we have. Sometimes we plan to go out together on a religious function or a trip and share our old memories and life experiences.

Life is still beautiful after retirement and our marriage is now high on a relationship and friendship value, much more than ever before.

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