Mask hides my big retirement smile

by Kevin B

I'm looking forward to my retirement, 31 May 2021.

Have a new home, so will be busy putting in the yard, fence, possibly another KOI pond. That should take me all of 4-5 months or so, then what?

Pick up some hobbies perhaps? Have a granddaughter to spoil, hopefully, more soon, my wife will continue to work as she's 10 years younger than I, so I feel a little guilty but she tells me not to be. I'll be the dinner cook now, time to get the cookbook out.

Good thing we wear masks around work as I can't help but have a huge smile.

I know if I get bored I can always get a part-time job to stay busy.

Time to enjoy life, drink my mocha from my deck.

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almost there
by: Cindi H, Ohio

Wishing you all the best in your retirement. Good to have a few plans to start with. You will find your way.

I know your wife will appreciate having meals that she doesn't have to cook - good for you!

by: Leaking Ink/MA

Congratulations on your upcoming retirement!

Don't be too quick to get that part-time job. You just might find that you enjoy being retired!

Best Wishes....

You'll be busy
by: Michael - Warm and Sunny Venice Florida

Kevin - since your wife still works, you can show her how much you care by doing the shopping, cleaning, laundry, and cooking.

Watch some videos on YouTube to come up with some different meal ideas.

Also, get a bicycle to ride and take long walks. Plan a daily routine - I've found that helps to get me going in the morning.

You've earned your retirement - so enjoy it!


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