McDonald's for Retirees

by Wendy

Subtitle: A Day In The Life Of A New Retiree - Friday Freebies!

My parents (in their 80's) are very proud of me becoming a retiree at age 54, and they believe I'm in training for being a "senior".

On Friday's, we visit the local McDonald's where they have a freebie each Friday. Here is my quick story of what happened today... this is tough rigorous work being retired!

We go shopping at Kohl's but we can't go to McDonald's YET... I'm wondering why, but fine, we shop longer. Finally, its time to GO!

We order our food and eat at a booth on the right side of the fast food restaurant. Sounds like a normal trip to Micky D's, right? Wrong!

I keep watching as my parents keep looking for the Freebies. They are watching other retirees watching too. Nobody, well, no self-respecting retiree, would dare MISS the Freebie offer!

One couple looks like they are dating... too dressed to be already married, looking dapper in their dating clothes, and talking, and giggling like most married couples don't. He keeps twisting his head to watch for the freebies. Mom keeps poking me "Look at HIM looking for the free food! She is dating a freebie guy!" (of course, no mention that WE are also there for our freebies).

Suddenly, dad says "I smell cookies, freshly baked cookies..."Mom says "Oh boy!" I say "They are not going to give away free cookies! geesh!" But they did... up goes my dad, practically running (shuffle running) to get there before they are gone. He had quite obviously practiced this run before.

Dating guy almost missed them as he was busy talking to his date.

So back he comes with three oatmeal raisin cookies.. nice full sized cookies, and piping hot from the oven! WoW! I was impressed... this was quite the treat! So we are happy, eating our cookies and watching them disappear from the table up front.

My back is to the table... Dad sat himself so he was our Lookout Guy. From his great seat, he spotted one single leftover cookie.Several times he mentioned that one little cookie, in between our conversations. Finally, Up I go for that one cookie for him.

Just as I hand it to him, he says "I hope its not chocolate chip." (D***, It's free...) Well, it was, so he broke it in half and offered it mom and me.. both of us refused. He set it down, but the next time I looked, it was long gone! Grin!

Mind you, McDonald's has a good exercise program here: Seniors can stretch their necks and backs, over and over, looking for those freebies. They willfully do it, too! When the freebies are placed on the table, they JUMP out of their seats and RUN to get them! This is a good way to create exercise for our older generation... way to go, McDonald's!

So. back to my story, as we are leaving McDonald's, there are more cookies... so I grabbed three to go.

As we get in the car and I hand two to mom... she starts yelling "You can't take them OUT of McDonald's... you can only eat them inside." Well, I did it and I'm sorry, but it was too late to return them. Grin!

After a few minutes, Mom says... "Ya know, we are really proud of you! You are really shaping up into one fine retiree... even getting the freebies at McDonald's!"

Finally, after a 36-year government career, my Mom is proud of me for taking Freebies at McDonald's.... kinda brings a lump to your throat, doesn't it?

Grin! Don't ya just love retirees! I am one!

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Thanks for the chuckle
by: Carol

Never knew McD's did Friday Freebies. It is amazing what makes our families proud of us!

Wendy: Our McD's no longer has this... it was a promotional thing that lasted one summer (2011). Grin!

by: Ricardo

....Wendy, I think you are repeating some posts, I recall having read this one before....cute, but ya gotta dig a little deeper.

Wendy Yep -- I moved this one and it got published again in error. I didn't even realize until I saw your note here!

It's all n the anticipation
by: Anonymous

I agree this was a great exercise program. Not only the craning necks, the little run, etc., but the anticipation.

It's like they are all young again for a few minutes and excited about something as simple as seeing who can get the first cookie. Obviously they made enough for everyone and there was no need for the mad dash, but it's all in the game.

What fun.

Wendy: It was fun for me to witness it!

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