Me and my retirement

by Nancy Berger
(Westlake, Ohio)

I am not feeling sorry for myself, but I had to retire from my beloved job of teaching children with multiple disabilities because I had two major epileptic seizures at work.

Am okay now with meds, but retirement is no fun for me. I should get going with writing again, find a new hobby, find friends, volunteer or get part time job. Am so depressed.

Wish it was anatomically possible to kick myself in the rear to jump start improving my life.

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by: Tuxedo Cat

Thank you for answering my post! I see your point in beginning to write again! Did not consider my post to be a possible start to getting back to writing! Sometimes one just needs a jump start.

Wendy: Consider what you might offer the world in a book. What do you know that others might need to know? One question/One solution books work really well. Start Brainstorming! You've got a book in you and its so easy to self-publish nowadays!

Kick in the A**
by: Wendy,

Hey Nancy,

While it may not be possible to kick yourself physically,
you certainly can push yourself mentally.

If you enjoy writing, consider yourself started! You just wrote a post, though it is short. Next week, write about where you live, or your hobby, or about memories! You've taken the first step -- Just write! Here! Share life with others.

Then, if you decide you are enjoying it, consider a Kindle book or a blog... it's all fun, if you are a writer, and will kickstart other activities as you move mentally AWAY from Poor Retired Me... Right?

Go Girl... you just took your first step!

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