Meaning in Retirement

by Dave in Michigan

Hello! I'm a 68-year-old widower and have been retired for six years. I've read so many retirement posts that have a real sense of "lostness" about them... People struggling to find meaning in their new found freedom or even something to occupy their time. Well, I'd like to make an observation or two that may provide a little food for thought.

First of all, many of you will remember the Alan Person's Project... A band from a few years ago. They released a song in which part of the lyrics were these, "the game never ends when your whole world depends on the turn of a friendly card." The point? We must take action. Your ship isn't coming in, the kids have their own lives, and no one is going to come to your door and beg you to befriend them. Of course, it's hard to take action but it's worth it.

Second is a quote from Alexander Solzhenitsyn's book "Cancer Ward". In observing his fellow patients he realized that many of them had "given into time" and he knew that was the one thing they could not ever do. There is a temptation to think that we're too old, or too sick, or my significant other is...whatever. So we say to ourselves, What's the use? And we give into time. We find it's so much easier to sit and think about what once was but that's a sure fire way to dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

Last of all, ask yourself this question when you get up each day. What is one thing I can do today that will be of value to me in five years? It found to be as simple as calling a family member, meditation, exercise or eating a healthy meal. But do something every single day that has long term value.

You have earned this time in your. Don't let it slip away.

Best wishes to all!

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Senior Center Woes
by: Joe W.

I understand your situation. I have a question for you. You mentioned that a senior center is not your liking. What do you think is missing in today's senior centers and why they are not the first choice among many seniors?

Joe W.

Meaning in Retirement
by: Anonymous

This is a great post. I, too, am a 68 year old widow. No kids. Very few relatives and friends. I retired in 2016. Never been better.

Miss my husband of 40 years. We loved each other so much. I have a home in the woods.

I have been working on repairs and hiring people for things that I cannot do (some people are great, some not so great, even after doing research online). I do the yard work, most repairs...thanks to youtube. Love to read. Go to the library and take out about 3 books. (I am not interested in going to the senior center and do crafts...yet...not my thing.)

I would love to take a walk in my nearby state forest, but a 2 acre yard is a lot of work. Days go by so fast.

Great comments
by: Anonymous

I loved your comments. I too find many on this blog complaining about being bored, not knowing what to do, or feel they have no value.

Find hobbies, find friends, take walks, read for fun, read for research, trace your ancestors; join a prayer group, exercise group. Plant a garden. Clean a closet and donate what you don't need. Find the value in volunteering, even a few hours a week of 'giving back'.

But don't just sit and wait for something to happen.

If you have a pulse, you have a purpose. Go out and find your purpose, your passion!

by: Anonymous

Well said, Dave.

Excellent comment
by: Anonymous

Dave...what an excellent post. The moment you mentioned Alan Parsons Project, it caught my eye, as I loved that group and that music era..

A lot has to do with how young you feel inside your mind. I’m not talking all this urgency to stay young, look young, run 10 miles, hike another 20 etc., but your mindset about life in general..whether you view it as an opportunity for further learning and enjoyment or you view it as passing you by and all that was good was in the past.

Oh -- Dear WhoeverYouAre -- yes yes yes! That's why I started website. I haven't put nearly enough time into it.. but YES, your mindset in aging is so darn important!

Pasteur Land Anyone
by: Joe W.

Without a doubt most seniors would have more success if they had a retirement plan to match their financial plan. Personally I can help anyone that has a retirement plan related to senior entrepreneurship.

On the other hand, if you are being pushed to go to the pasture land before your time it's critical to fight back. Don't have a pity party. See if you can find some real possibilities that you would passionately like to work on for the next 10-20 years.

Do your research first, experiment and see if you are going on the path that you want to create for yourself. Don't compare yourself to others. Seniors are NOT the same even though most governments and others like to think that they are.

Ask many, many questions. Do your own research. Solve any obstacles that show up on your own journey. Stay healthy. If the process is carried on from an inward prospective you will find yourself more empowered, enlightened and blessed with a meaningful and purposeful retirement life.

Joe W.

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