Medicare and Still Working...

I signed up for Medicare A before my 65th birthday. If I receive social security at 66 and continue to work with employer-paid health coverage, do I have to sign up for Medicare B and D at the time I start receiving social security?

Wendy's reply: No.... Take Medicare Part A, it's free and gives you another level of coverage.

If you are employed, at 65, you can say "No Thank You" to Medicare Part B (it costs about $110/mo.. so why pay when you are employed and have employers coverage?)

When you retire, Social Security will give you a waiver form for the employer to complete. They have to say you just retired... to waive the penalty for not enrolling at age 65.


If you choose not to take Medicare Part B, for no reason (just to save money, or you think you might not need it) -- you'll have problems.

A few years later, you want to sign up, contact Medicare, and they will penalize you 10% higher premiums for every year you waited, for the rest of your life. Wait 3 years -- you pay 30% higher premiums for the rest of your life.

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