Meditation for Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure is so common as we age.

Believe it or not, there are cheap meditation audios for blood pressure. 

Meditation enters the body into a tranquil peaceful state   within ten or so minutes of meditating. By being relaxed, the body needs less oxygen – studies say the body requires around 20 percent less oxygen when meditating.

This demand for oxygen lets the heart beat slow down from 3 to 10 percent, which results lower blood pressure.

From chanting mantras to merely counting your breaths, you are calming your mind and body.  Sheer simplicity -- and yet, most retirees never even consider something like meditation for blood pressure help.

Therapeutic slow breathing calms down muscles deep into the chest, permitting major blood vessel to release and relieve pressure on the heart. The outcome is lower blood pressure.

What is frequently named abdominal breathing also support circulation and can decrease blood pressure by taking some of the load off the heart. This should more appropriately be called “diaphragmatic breathing”.

In persistent stress,  people have a tendency to take shallow breaths and hold them without being aware of it. Slower breathing may be able to reverse this effect. 

Best wishes!