Meditation for Anxiety

Meditation for anxiety is a simple way to get life into the right perspective.

 Anxiety, stress, tension are from living life in the fast track. About 60 percent people in the world are affected by anxiety. 

Meditation is a popular method of overcoming anxiety. It is very easy to do and effective for producing results.

Deep Breathing Technique for Meditation 

Breathing exercises work well in relieving anxiety disorder. The best simple breathing method is deep breathing. Most people assume puffing  up their chest but is the right way,but deep breathing relates making use of abdomen not chest. 

When you are doing deep breathing, you should experience your abdomen bulge up with air, then going back its original place upon exhaling. Simple!

When you feel stressed out or anxious, practice this for about five minutes. You can practice this anytime in anywhere. Just close your eyes and block your mind and concentrate your breathing. Feel that pure oxygen entering your body as you inhale and all the anxiety or stress leaving from your body in the form of carbon dioxide.

As you concentrate on your breathing, you will  fall quite normally into a meditative state. Just keep breathing and concentrate on doing it correctly... it's good!


Visualization help control and calm the mind - another meditation technique for controlling and decreasing anxiety. 

Sit in a silent place. Close your eyes and  clear your mind of  all thought -  especially negative thoughts. Try to feel the silence within your mind and body. Visualize yourself as being in a place of serenity. 

WHERE do you feel at peace with the world?  

For me, its on my back deck, total peace, I close my eyes, and listen to the birds singing, the squirrels rustling seed in the bird feeder, and so many sounds I'd never ever hear if not focusing on peace. I feel the sunshine on my face, warming me, and soft breezes brushing by me... all is well with the world.

I don't have to be at home to do this. I can close my eyes anywhere and "go there"!
When and where in your life have you felt at peace. Try to conjure up that place in your mind, remember it, go there often!

These meditation/anxiety breathing and visualization techniques are extremely beneficial for people of all age, as they frame a healthy lifestyle.