Meeting the Challenge to Earn an Income while in Retirement

by Larry Steward, Work In Retirement Coach

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Maybe I'm beginning to sound like a broken record, however, I'm looking for ways to make the time we spend in this group as productive as possible.

thought it would be more helpful if I listed some questions that are designed to learn about your ideal situation to earn income while in retirement even if you think it is not realistic. We don’t have to be realistic yet. Put that aside for now. If you don’t have clear answers, that’s understandable and OK. We are here to help you find solutions.

Even if you have no idea of what you may like to do, think about what level of income you are aiming for and what type of situation to earn an income appeals to you. The starting point is for us to learn where you stand today so we can help you move forward.

We’re all in this for the same purpose. As a group member, please accept the responsibility to support other members and contribute as best as you can to share information and offer support as it will benefit all members.

As your resident coach, I will add my thoughts, advice and any resources to those who respond. However, to really blow the lid off making things happen, wait until you see the magic of group brainstorming taking place!

Each member of this group has a lifetime of experience to draw on and offer meaningful support. Once we are operating as a fully functioning group-brainstorm-machine, watch the magic unfold! You will be amazed at how quickly we can start moving mountains and make marvelous things happen.

So please answer the following questions with where you stand today and post your answers in the forum. It’s one thing to say you want to earn an income but that alone does not give us enough to build on. It’s just logical, the more we know about what you ideally want to do next, the more we can help you find a way to make it happen.

  • What are you thinking about doing next to earn an income?

  • What do you find frustrating or difficult about this challenge?

  • Can you give us an example of what steps you have taken to date?

  • How long have you been thinking or doing something about this?

  • If you tried something but it didn’t work, what was it that didn’t work?

  • If you could wave a magic wand to help solve this challenge, what would your wishes be?

  • If you knew you would not fail at trying something new to earn an income, what would that be?

  • How will your life change when you start earning an income again?

  • Have you spent money trying to solve this? If so, what did you spend money on?

  • What else should we know about the challenges you are facing?

    Thanks for sharing thoughts about your situation. Your contributions will benefit all members. Stay tuned for our responses.

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    Sometimes It Doesn't Pay To Work
    by: Linda/Nevada

    I know it is a popular belief that there are benefits to working while retired so I decided to test the theory for my particular situation.

    For a few brief moments, I contemplated applying at one of my favorite stores when I saw a Help Wanted sign in the window.

    My whole working years were in the field of accounting but I thoroughly hated it. I no longer have any interest in accounting. I do not have any experience in the service industry so my options for employment are very limited because a lot of employers do not want to train new employees. The store I was in seems to hire elderly people so I thought I might have a chance at being hired.

    I put my accounting skills to work and created a spreadsheet that would tell me if it would be worth my time to get a job. Because I have experience in calculating payroll, I was able to figure out, almost to the penny, what my paycheck would be.

    I took into consideration the expenses that I am exempt from because of my current income level and I also allowed for new expenses that I would incur if I got back into the workforce. The tax man would also get a piece of my pie that he does not get at my current income level.

    The end result showed me that I would only gain $25 a month in discretionary income. I currently have a strict budget that I adhere to and I am proud to say that all my bills are covered and I have a reasonable amount of money to play with each month.

    My lifestyle does not include travel because I simply do not enjoy it. I find traveling stressful and I usually cannot wait to get home to my own bed. I also do not take any medical prescriptions because the side effects scare the pants off of me. I live a simple, serene life that does not require a lot of money.

    An extra $25 a month does not entice me to have to commute to a job, put up with supervisors, fake my cordiality to coworkers and restrict my time to fit a work schedule into my day.

    If you want to work for reasons other than supplementing your income, I guess working has its merits but for me it would only be about
    the money.

    Do the math and then decide if it is worth it. Numbers on a page can be a real eye opener .

    work part time
    by: Anonymous

    I am almost blind and would like to get a part time job but if it were not at home how would I get there?

    I wouldn't mind getting i the carts at a grocery store but as a former teacher i would like to work with other impaired individuals of any age.

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