Memories: I KNOW THEM!!!

by Alrico
(Palolo Valley, Hawaii)

I was 12 years old and it was the beginning of summer '63. A friend and I went down to the stream with buckets and scoop nets. We decided to go downstream because we always go up into the valley.

We walked and walked, having a hellava time. Crossing back and forth over the stream, turning rocks over to see if there were any treasures. As we came around a bend, we were both surprised to see this huge concrete overpass. We knew we were in big trouble and not knowing how far we travelled.

We climbed up the hillside next to the overpass we then sat on the overpass railing to figure out where we were. We travelled at least five miles out of the valley and that was way beyond our boundries. We figured we be late getting home so we'd have to run most of the way home back upstream.

While sitting there six motorcycle police officers sped by only to stop at the intersection about fifty yards away to stop all traffic.

Meanwhile, a fleet of black cars were stopped in front of us. We were about to leave when a beautiful lady with sunglasses and a scarf over her hair waived us over to the car which was a convertible. She asked to see what we had caught so we lifted our buckets to show her. Her husband who was sitting on the other side of her leaned over and took a look also. They were both in the rear seats of the car. Just as fast as they stopped they took off waiving goodbye to us. We didn't think much of this, all we could think of is getting our butts home before dark.

We ran all the way home and reached there in the knick of time. It was about 6pm and mom was just about to scold me when the news came on the tv and got her attention. As I tried to slip by her to get cleaned up , she pointed to the tv news and said "look, that's President Kennedy and his wife".

A split second after I looked over to the tv set, I blurted out " I KNOW THEM"! She turned and had that "where the hell that come from" look.

Knowing I'd get in trouble if I tried to explain it to her,I quickly dashed into the bathroom to shower off the day.

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