Memories of Old London

by Peggy

When I was a child, London was a very different place to what it is now, it was just after the war so us kids were more like street urchins and left to roam the streets after school.

My favourite place to play was the Tower of London and along the Thames embankment, where believe it or not, Londononers would take the kids and deck chairs a sit on the shingle beach under Tower Bridge like they were on holiday.

The kids would paddle in the Thames, if we were not doing that we would play in the Tower itself. It was FREE to get in, and not much security so we were able to run around the rooms, playing hide and seek.

In the winter when the nights came early, we would play in there by flickering gas light, and scare each other with ghost stories.

Our staple food was chips or pie and mash.

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