Memories Of Thanksgiving November 2014

by Janet
(Boston, MA)

Memories Of Thanksgiving November 2014

I am fondly remembering the last Thanksgiving my husband and I happily shared together.

At the time little did I know or dream that it would be our last Thanksgiving.

It brings pain to write of my memories but yet; it brings joy and laughter in having shared a blessed Thanksgiving.

My husband was a very out going, fun loving, jovial, happy person. He loved celebrations and looked forward to the holidays. He loved traditions.

On Thanksgiving he prepared his special dish oyster stew. This was his special appetizer. He got the idea from my father who would have oyster stew on Thanksgiving with our family.

I prepared a Thanksgiving dinner, a feast, turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, all the trimmings. The dinner was enjoyed and shared by the family.

My husband always gave me flowers no matter what the occasion, Thanksgiving was no different.

I was truly thankful to share a beautiful Thanksgiving filled with love, happiness, and warmth.

This Thanksgiving although my husband is not here, he lives in my heart and in the hearts of family and friends. We will light a candle in his memory this Thanksgiving and look forward to the holidays as he would have done.

* Submitted a year ago, Thanksgiving, but I found it too late... so I held it to make it more appropriate... one week from Thanksgiving works! Thank you Janet for sharing! Wendy

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Wendy marriage
by: sharon/oregon

Hi Wendy,
I get it I think. I have had a 50 year old deeply troubled partnership/marriage. I also feel that is the way it has been intended to be, and I leave it to God at this point. I suspect I have other traits that God gave me which may have served in ways I somewhat suspect, but do not know.

Memories Of Thanksgiving November 2014
by: Janet

Hello Linda,

Thank you so very much for your kind comments on my write. You are right I am truly blessed to have such beautiful memories of my dear loving husband.
True, it is hard at times to hold it all together in a marriage but somehow we managed. It is a give and take a lot of communication. It was 44 years.

We were both in our early twenties when we got married. I thank God that we had a few after our retirement to enjoy time together. I miss my husband so much but I feel that I was truly blessed. It is still difficult as his passing was sudden and we had celebrated Thanksgiving, it was in the wee morning hours in what we know as Black Friday. Indeed a black Friday it was for me and my family. I have two grown sons.

I say, "may my husband rest in eternal peace."

Thank you again Linda your words mean a lot to me.

Memories Of Thanksgiving November 2014
by: Janet

Hello Wendy,

Thank you so much for posting, "Memories Of Thanksgiving November 2014." Someone asked me to write of my last Thanksgiving at the time. I shared my very last Thanksgiving with my dear loving husband.

I was just thinking to myself to pick up a bouquet of flowers surely, my husband would have gotten them for me for Thanksgiving.

I will forever cherish these blessed memories.
It will be two years November 28, 2016. I have my days good and bad, I miss him so much!

Again thank you it warms my heart and surprised me when I saw that you had posted my write. I wish you and your family a blessed and happy Thanksgiving!

What A Beautiful Story
by: Linda/Nevada

You are so fortunate to have had such a wonderful and devoted husband. These days it is so rare for so many of us to be able to have a loving and sincere relationship or marriage.

God gave you a very special gift that so many of us will never have. I always wonder why some people are blessed with special people in their lives and others, like myself, have to go through life alone until the day we die.

I can only assume that, speaking for myself, I do not deserve such a blessing. You must be a very good and decent person who God chose to be favored with love and fond memories.

God bless and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Wendy: Linda, Linda, Linda -- how can you say you don't deserve it? Yikes! You are what you think... please don't tell yourself this. Find a new mantra, say it over and over "I deserve the love of my life, at this stage in life, as I'm a beautiful, loving, woman..."

Seriously,... write one and carry it with you, repeat it over and over daily, whenever you think of it. You seriously need to wipe that old limited belief out of you mind... forever. Someone out there is LOOKING just for you!

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