Memories: The Chocolate Cherry

by Phyllis Snook
(Middleburg, PA)

My father was a cab driver for 60 years in New York City, (Manhattan). He was a very hard worker but never was paid very much money.

You must remember, he was a cab driver during the depression and up until 1965 when he had a stroke and could not work any longer.

I have a special memory... when Dad used to come home on Sundays from his job, he would bring me and my three sisters one chocolate cherry.

We would eagerly wait till he came home as we all cherished that candy. It was a big deal for us to receive that candy. In those days, chocolate cherries cost .10 cents each and today they are .50 cents each. My goodness!

For Easter this year, I sent two of my sisters a box of chocolate cherries to remember that time, so long ago. Too bad they didn't remember the story about the chocolate cherry.

I thought I should write this story down before I am too old to remember it.

Thanks Dad for that gift of the chocolate cherry!

Wendy: Oh Phyllis -- beautiful memory! It's really a shame your sisters didn't remember.. but that's how memories are! We all remember something different, but equally important to us! thanks for sharing!

p.s. I remember my Dad giving us Pillow Rides to bed... he'd hold both edges of the pillow, we'd sit on it -- ZOOOM! off we'd go to bed!

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by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

Likely u were the oldest at that time and that is why u remembered. what a joy to read! thank u

Hershey Bar
by: Judy

For some reason, I don't remember Dad bringing us chocolate cherries. What I do remember is him bringing us Hershey Bars. Maybe that was in addition to the cherries. Judy

Wendy: YUMMMM... both chocolate! Love it!

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