by Ricardo

Is life in fact just a conglomeration of memories? I guess that one might consider that as a possibility.

Reflection enters the room as we age and ponder life and what it has afforded us. We think back of yesterdays and the memories often come racing back, some good, some bad.

I have spent some time of late remembering. Perhaps because as I have aged, memories of the past have been soothing for my soul, or perhaps there is now, in fact more time for reflection.

Do we spend too much time as we age reflecting on the past and memories.....perhaps?

There is no imperative as we age, nothing HAS to be done TODAY, there is always tomorrow to accomplish most anything. The tasks that had to be done when we were younger, we can now put off until tomorrow or the next day. We have no "time frame" if you will.

Sometimes I have to pick up the morning paper to remind me of the day and date!

I do believe that at any age, and as specially as we age we all need a purpose in life and a reason to go on, some times memories provide that purpose!

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Reminiscing is great, but …
by: Dave, Calif

Reminiscing is great, but … I retired almost 4 years ago. Thought I was ready to go out and start enjoying the golden years. But I just haven’t been able to get a good direction.

However, I am realizing that since I’m not finding new things to occupy my time and my mind, I’m spending too much time trying to relive the pleasant memories of the past. And I think it is having a hold-back effect on my efforts to explore the future.

Like most folks, I have a lot of happy memories of growing up. But I find that when I get frustrated with not making forward progress, I automatically fall back into the comfort zone of reliving the "good old days." It sounds like a lot of other folks are falling into the same trap. I think we all need to try to start making some "good new days" in the fleeting years. But how, huh?

by: rox/bhc

The fact is we NEVER need to be in a rush to do anything, we just realize it when we are older...I find. Poor kids. :(

by: Janet

I enjoyed your writing on Memories. I do believe that as we age we reflect more on memories.

Now that I have retired I have more time to reflect on memories and think more about the past. I feel that I enjoy nature more also.

I appreciate what I do have as I worked for so many years and have now retired. We do question what are purpose is now! I feel that when I was working I knew my purpose.

Sadly, I wanted to enjoy more years in my retirement with my husband but he passed away suddenly November 2014. I am on a lone journey trying to find what my purpose is for today and years to come.

I can reflect and cherish the wonderful memories that my husband and I shared.

by: Gordon Kinghorn

I have been waiting on someone like yourself Ricardo, to pen a few lines on this very subject, you have my creative juices flowing for sure, I couldn't agree more with you on this particular subject and intend to respond with a few lines of my own on the issue of positive reflection during the years of our antiquity.

I glean much enjoyment from this psychotic dalliance with the past, believing that it helps me cope better with the present...and that of the future.

I'm in Spain at the present time with my wife, re-living holidays of days gone by - we have not stopped laughing!

Memories - Reflections - Both the same
by: Irwin - Lakeland

Loved your piece.

The older I get the more I tend to think back to what my parents went through and how their later days were (although my father did not have later days as he died at age 56).

We are fortunate to have what we do have and rather than think a lot of the past (although as I said I do on occasion) we tend to ask ourselves each day - Okay, we were granted another day today since we were allowed to wake up - what are we going to do to make it special.

While we have found that we are living more in the moment - we are also looking forward to what we hope to do tomorrow or next week or next year for that matter. Believe it or not - thinking like that does tend to make one realize we do have to exercise more, eat healthier, and not stress out over the small things.

We tend to look at it this way - we made it this far- what else could be on the horizon?

Losing Memeory
by: Anonymous

Yes. memories are great. I still exchange some with my brother on Skype. However, Alzheimer's has been robbing my 102 year old husband of his memories.

On Memories
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA


I have spent most of my life and years of research trying to figure out why we were put on this planet and what we are doing here.

The consensus seems to be that we are here to learn something critical to our emotional and spiritual growth.

If we keep doing the same thing over and over its like treading water. People even tend to "marry the same person" over and over even though that new person seems to look and act completely different from what we are used to. We also tend to be drawn to people who are able to teach us what we need to learn until its learned-and vise versa.

It is hard to believe but I have talked to cancer patients who said their illness was the best thing that ever happened to them - because of what they learned from the new insights given.

Sounds to me as if there is something very important about your search through your life memories. You can be sure that sifting through them you will discover more and more about yourself, and you will be the better for it.

Blessings. E.

Purpose Driven
by: Joe W.

Many seniors want and still need to be challenged in their pre-retirement or retirement life. Also, I think that ageing needs some structure otherwise, not caring when and if you will do something will probably turn you into an 'automatic pilot' for the rest of your life.

Joe W.

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